1. M

    Restore faded photo

    I would like to have this photo restored. The borders are the original color of the photo. Can it be blended back to the original without the edges being a different color?
  2. P

    Need help please! (Marriage proposal pic!)

    Hi everyone, First of all let me just say that I have seen many of your works and just WOW at the things you can do in minutes that would take me weeks! I have proposed to my gf of 10 years a couple of weeks ago and simply want to combine one picture with the other. The pic in question with...
  3. benftaylor

    Minor poster project i need help with - asap

    Im creating a poster to advertise a current project im working on and need help with some image manipulation I have a picture of a woman doing push-ups on some bars, and need my product replaced into her hands (the same on both sides), so it looks as if she is exercising using my products and...
  4. B

    amalgamating lighting in blended photo

    how to do i make the lighting of a few different elements appear the same in a blended photo there not that far off but i have to fix it pretty much just asking for a link to a tutorial, ive tried searching but i dont know how to word my request and so havent been able to get an answer cheers guys