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  1. J

    Creative Blog Logo Revamp Request

    Hi Photoshop Gurus! Good day! I just want my 3 blog logos to be revamped because I'm the one who created it and I think its so simple hehe. Here's my logos: Logo (Square) Logo (with Text) Logo (with description) Any kind of edits or new creations is highly...
  2. T

    Paid Need 5 banner / graphics for my blog (50 $)

    Hello, I need a banner-set for my blog (ask URL per PM or mail): ? button (88x31 Pixel) ? mikcobutton (80x15 Pixel) ? banner (468x60 Pixel) ? seal, round (125x125 Pixel) All banners need to be static, not-animated. I use a simple bootstrap-design for the blog. I pay 50 US-Dollar via PayPal...
  3. T

    Help Refine My Logo Please?

    Hey, everyone! I was so amazed at the work you're all able to do, and I have another request. This is the logo for my blog, and I need help refining it. I was hoping someone could clean up the edges (the black is a little choppy), and maybe do whatever you think might make the silhouette look...
  4. L

    Help with my blog

    hi, so i need help with my blog that I have on and i'll thought I will ask you guys, as you can see in the picture I attached that's the home screen of my blog, I'm using a downloaded template. There's the facebook, instagram bla bla bla icon that i put in a red box, how can I link...
  5. J

    my first image in my blog

    I'm new in the world of photography and this is the first image i put it in my blog and i wanted to share with you
  6. TravisHD

    Orange Blog Design - Need Feedback

    What do you guys think of this blog design that I have started? I think it still needs some work in the typography department but I could use some fresh set of eyes.
  7. R

    Website design

    Ok so for class we need to make a one page blog site. Make it in Photoshop and then code it in Dreamweaver. The topic of the blog is soccer. What should I improve on or just tell me what you think of my design thanks :D! ps I'm going to start coding it soon.
  8. Carson

    Hey guys, I started a blog.

    I don't know if i'm allowed to post this link, but if I'm not i'm sure one of the PSG forum moderators will remove it. I have started a blogging site. I would appreciate it if you guys would sign-up. I'm going to frequently post new tutorials on there, and I'm going to keep updated posts. Also...
  9. A

    Editing Text of Existing Blog Logo

    Hello, This is my first post and pretty much my first time doing anything with Photoshop. I'm building a blog and the layout style that I'm using comes with a pre-designed logo. It's meant to be edited to include your own name/title. It's a .png image with a transparent background, an...
  10. C

    [Request] Text Logo for Blog

    Hi, I'm in dire need of a stylish colorful logo for my blog. I was looking around at photoshop tutorials and found the ideal logo for me. I would like someone to recreate this logo. If you are willing to do this here is everything I need. Size: 951 x 160 pixels Text: NuBuum Note: There is a...