1. S

    Need help with grandchildren picture.

    Had a recent birthday party for the lad in the middle. Took about 10 shots, all are special but none are perfect. If someone would be so kind to use the 1st picture as the template, and on the second picture clone the faces of the 1st girl on left and the middle boy (birthday boy) onto the 1st...
  2. K


    I'd like to get someone to make my truck look like one from the movie Cars, for my boy. Similar to the one in yellow.
  3. B

    help adding a child into pic please

    Can someone please put boy in photo alone into the photos with the others next to the boy in the red robe? Thank YOu!
  4. F

    Please remove the boy sitting in the middle.

    She's my crush and this is the only pic I have with her but the guy sitting in the middle is ruining it :( Please, remove the Guy sitting in the middle ! It will be a great favour. Thank you! [ I'm the one taking the picture ] here is pic GUYS PLEASE help me :( Thank you !
  5. gedstar

    Adobe to use software integrity service

    Read more here Seems a bit strange as they won't do anything to prevent you from using the software they'll just tell you you've been a naughty boy, you can...
  6. B

    Request, please.

    Hey there! I took this funny picture of my friend asleep in class, and it would be SUPER funny if someone would make him on something, or doing something ect. Basicly what I'm asking is for you to have fun with this picture :)
  7. Vafann

    Rhino Boy

    This makes no sense of course, but I had fun making it lol. It feels to me like something is missing or wrong in the composition though, so if you can see what it is, please tell me. :) I have tried to change the settings to "Bicubic sharper" or whatever it´s called when I shrunk it to see if...
  8. Hoogle

    Adobe fan boy wallpaper

    was bored so came up with the idea of creating a wallpaper for the adobe fans lol and dont worry I really dont expect any of you to want to use it lol it was just some fun