1. I

    Colour change on car

    Hi, just wondering if someone can please change the colour of the blue car to the BMW Pyrite Brown (second photo)? thanks!
  2. J

    Can someone combine these two pictures please.

    Hi guys, I wonder if someone could be kind enough to modify a picture for me: Basically I have two identical pictures, but with two different colors. The fist one (blue) has a blotch on it while the second one (brown) doesn't. Would it be possible to remove the blotch from the blue one by using...
  3. J

    Hair color request

    Hi! Can someone make my hair brown in this picture? I want to color it, but I would like to see it first :)
  4. S

    Request: Replacing "Huhi" with "Ship"

    Hello everybody, I would appreciate if someone could do me the favor and replace the "Huhi" on this guys shirt with "Ship" in the same style + make his hair brown instead of blond. ^^ I tried to do it myself but atleast the Ship looks pretty bad because I dont know how to do it/I'm not skilled...
  5. Coffee_Girl

    Is it possible to isolate all colors except the black colors on this pattern?

    First off, I just want to thank you for taking a look at this. I'm not great with photoshop (I can only use the paint tool)... how can I turn the brown areas pure white and only leave the black words and lines? I tried to use the paint tool to "paint" the brown areas white but it takes hours...
  6. Z

    Archangel replace trumpet

    Hi, can anyone remove the trumpet and place a brown beer bottle in the hand ?
  7. N

    Changing Hair Colour From Brown To Bleach/Ash Grey

    Good Afternoon All, Please would someone be able to change the colour of the longer hairs in the picture below from Brown to either a bleach blonde or even an Ash Grey. In need of seeing what this will look like as i'm going to be doing one of these two colours for charity in the coming weeks...
  8. R

    need help with the background

    please change the background a bit .... the road is dusty .....and the mountains are brown....if possible change them
  9. agentmoeller

    Stranger Things

    Millie Brown from the Netflix show Stranger Things.
  10. A

    Distinguish dark brown from black/blue in grayscale mode

    First timer here, help would be much appreciated! For my research I need to distinguish blue/black dye from dark brown (soil in this case). I use Photoshop CS5 This is an example of a photo after geometric distortion and the use of lasso tool: Then I have adjusted...
  11. R

    How to remove brown spots

    Hello I have problem with large brown spots over the image. I was photographing northern lights with canon 5D MKII, ISO800, 10s and later discovered nasty spots over the whole image. I made several shots and all these pictures have the same problem. I show there only part of the picture to get...
  12. I

    Brown in ''Color Balance''

    I am trying to color a b/w picture using only "Color Balance", and I need to make a wooden fence brown. How do I make brown using "Color Balance" tool?