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  1. Paul

    Grand Moff Tarkin returns Digitally.

    All smudge and burn, he's coming back guys. click image to run gif file please.
  2. R

    Photo for my GF

    My girlfriend is graduating this year and I wanted to give her a nice photo of us for graduation. This is her and I at her sorority ball. We had a great time wonderful night but she was a little upset because she got burnt earlier that week and her lines were pretty noticeable. If someone could...
  3. Paul

    Reworking of smaller image

    Dodge and burn smudge and paint brush nothing else. Looking for a hi res version of this or something very similar...anyone?
  4. Paul

    Face touch up.

    Before and after gif just used Nik tools and dodge and burn. Try it yourself the idea is realism. :cheesygrin:
  5. E


    Hi guys, I got cs6 and was wondering is there a way to make a slideshow with music and burn it to a dvd with bridge? cheers
  6. Igrecman

    Question about the burn tool

    I hope someone can help me. Every time I use the burn tool, it's like I'm applying grey onto it. Is there a way of preserving color saturation while making it darker with the burn tool? I'm not getting good result unless I apply very little darkening. Thanks
  7. J

    cd burning

    Grateful to anyone who can kindly send me a step-by-step method to burn a cd using Wndows 8.1 and Photoshop CS5. I prefer a typed text for the method rather than a video tutorial, as I find it hard to follow videos. I only want to know how to burn photos on my PICTURES folder onto a cd. Hope...
  8. SeniorS

    Did you know: Burn Tool + ALT = Lighten Tool

    Of course, 90% of you knows it allready. But if you aren't in that percentage and don't "waste" time reading manuals then you know now. Burn Tool: With pressed ALT key Burn Tool turns into "Lighten" Tool. Options for it are same as Burn Tool, so bigger % in Exposure it will lighten more place...