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    Specific Engagement cake

    Hey guys, i am hopefully getting engaged this summer and for that occasion, i want to buy an engagement cake. Now we like the cake i just posted but we find it somewhat empty. That's why i want to ask the bakery for a slight variation of the cake. I want this cake but the first layer (the first...
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    Wedding Cake - Change Colour from Purple to Peach

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to provide a picture to my local bake shop to specify the type and colour of the wedding cake I want. I've founded the style of the cake that I want but the colour is not what I want. I want this style cake but in peach colour (like the one below). Can someone please...
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    Smoothen some edges on Christmas cake

    Can someone make the white chocolate drip look a bit more smooth around the edges? Like it actually drips nicely of the cake. At the moment you can see some different layers chocolate. Thanks!
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    Removing Background (Image Inside)

    Any tips on the quickest & effective way to remove everything apart from the cake? So far I have tried: - background eraser set to Discontinuous, and the cake seems to be removing too. - Magic wand tool, again, not working. - Quicke selection tool Obviously I have the option of manually...
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    [Request] From What I've Seen It'll Probably Be A Piece Of Cake For You All

    These are 5 patches. The first 4 were professionally made by some artist in a game studio. The fifth was made by a friend of mine who isn't very good at photoshop. Some background; These emblems are for different teams in a video game. Neptune (SEALs), Wolfpack (Delta Force), Rangers, and...