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  1. G

    Specific Rear light tints

    Hi all!! You absolutely smashed my last request, would it be too much trouble to ask someone to tint the rear lights on my focus? Would be after a light tint, not too dark if that’s possible! Thank you so much in advance 😊
  2. A

    Brushes Removing large background object

    Hello all, I'm pretty new to Photoshop which I'm currently learning to use. I've got a picture I took of a car. I'm trying to remove some of the ugly background from it; mainly the hose roller on the left of the car, probably the blue tent as well. I made a mask of the upper left area of...
  3. reihmann

    Paid I want to change the background to this photo I want something cool

    I want to change the background to this photo I want something cool mabey something outside wdth some cool carr or ghive me ideia plese if cam make very coll i can pay more and i have other photo to retake :) thanks ;)
  4. Roberts1010

    Take out cars

    Can anyone take the cars out of this photo, the satellite dish, and make the sky bluer? I know that's a lot but if I only get the cars out that'd be super great!!!! I put it on here two ways, unsure of which way will work better. THANK YOU!!!!!!
  5. C

    How to achieve this look?

    Hi! I've been doing automotive photography for quite some time now, and i'm increasingly frustrated with the editing process. Long story short, I want to achieve this kind of look: They have this feel which i best can describe as "light". I'm looking to achieve the light look of the...
  6. K


    I'd like to get someone to make my truck look like one from the movie Cars, for my boy. Similar to the one in yellow.
  7. T

    Could someone photoshop these cars out for me?

    Hi, I just need all the cars and stuff photoshopped out of this image please. Thank you
  8. I

    Adding a car to this picture

    Hello, I would like to photoshop the attached image so that it looks like there is a car traveling down the main road (NOT the road with all the parked cars on the side but the car direction should be the same as those parked cars). The car can be any model, any color, etc, and positioned...
  9. U

    Need a upgrade of existing logo

    I need a upgrade of our already existing logo, and to add some other graphic content aswell, in the black free area. our company is related to tuning cars and workshop. so something with that would be good. also many something to give more life to the writings itself aswell i would like to have...
  10. M

    request: removing cars on photo

    Hé guys, I want to remove the cars on the right on the photo (the black ones) but my photoshop skills aren't that good. Can someone help me out? It's gonna be printed on canvas when it's done! Thank you!
  11. L

    Don't get to do AMC cars much...must less Gremlins.

    Not a lot of call for the AMC cars. I was happy to get a crack at this one.
  12. R

    Hi, from the UK.

    Hi, hoping to find help here & to give help if I can. I mainly work with Adobe Illustrator, but I do use photoshop too. Cars are my thing. I look forward to hearing from any members here. Cheer's, Rod.
  13. M

    trying to add same design from ine image to another can anyone help

    the red car on the left i have been working on for at leat 48 hrs im tring to the the red car look like the one on the right (second image) the big problem is whatever i do the image does not look real and i can not get the design on the second image to go on the first please can someone help, i...
  14. S

    Request: Help build my dream car

    Hey was wondering if anyone on here could help me in a big way, by photoshoping these pictures to look how i want i can save time and money on certain aspects if they dont turn out right so your help would mean a lot guys! This is the car i want the changes made to: I would like the grill at...
  15. D

    Somebody who likes cars might enjoy this.

    Hey, I need some help im considering to get a need hood on my Ford Mustang. I would like to see if the hood im considering will look good or not.. My Car photo is attached and the hood im looking into is posted here AmericanMuscle Mustang 3in Cowl Hood - Unpainted (05-09) at -...
  16. Quadg

    Camaro Before and After - What do you think?

    I think this would be one awesome build, if it was a real car. Let me know what you think of the editing job and of the car itself. Thanks in advance and everyone keep up the great PS work. Gary