1. F

    Photoshopping my eyes so they look less beady.

    Hey there, Could someone please photoshop this photo of me (glasses) with Tim Farron so that my eyes look less small, creepy and beady? I've also attached a reference image of how I normally look, in case you need to know what my eyes look like :) Sorry about the orientation :) Thanks! Felix
  2. fredfish

    Action Central

    After reading the thread about creating line art from an image I was reminded of a free action called Isobels Sketch action - I no longer have it on my system so I tried to track it down. Cant find it anywhere and in addition it would appear that Action Central is no more either (though I...
  3. H

    Keep only uncommon content / Opposite of stack mode median

    Hello everyone, I'll try to be as clear as possible: A popular photo technique for removing unwanted content is to take a couple pictures of the same scene, convert them as smart object, auto-align them and use stack mode median or mean to remove the content that's uncommon in all pictures (can...
  4. N

    can any one change color of this case

    hi, Can any one send me the psd file for color change of this image to any color?(only need to change black case) I will glad if you can help me . Thank you So much!
  5. Z

    Need help fitting album art into my CD cover.

    Okay, so I have these two pictures that go into an album cover, front and back (along with the two sides of the case), and I only get one shot at printing both of the images (library printer). Here are the two photos: Right. So I imagine since the second image has both sides of the CD as...
  6. PegoMan

    Sierra and CS5 compatibility?

    I did a search and did not find any threads about this so I thought it might be informative. I have heard on the Mac forums that Adobe CS5 Extended in the disc form will not be compatible with Mac's new operating system Sierra. Does anyone have any info. I sure hope this is not the case...
  7. MrToM

    Bad news.

    I hate having to be the bearer of bad news but... WE'RE BACK! Had to go AWOL for a while as "The Dunny" caught a scorching case of "Fin Rot" ....... and when "The Dunny" gets a scorching case of "Fin Rot" everybody gives him a very wide birth. Anyway, with the judicious application of several...
  8. O

    Making it look as though iPhone is being charged

    Hello all, I am wondering if someone can help please? I am looking at creating a box packaging for a wireless iPhone charging case. I have an iPhone image with the case around it, but I am struggling a bit on how to change the image in the middle of the iPhone to make it look as though the...
  9. F

    In case you need inspiration

    just found this through Facebook
  10. B

    How to place objects on beach sand

    Hi, Could someone direct me to a video on how to place objects from one picture onto another. Specifically, I want to place a case of beer (that I masked out of one picture), onto another (beach sand). I just cannot seem to make it look like it is resting on the sand. I have googled a lot of...
  11. E

    3D IBL too large

    Hi, I'm currently working on a 3D Project in PS CC and can't handle some issues with the IBL. The IBL is extremley large compared to my project settings (about 1400px x 900px). I had this problem before and I was albe to solve it by ungrouping some 3D objects, but this is not the case anymore...
  12. T

    Help with Stone Text and breaking of stone..

    This is what I'm working on. I'm trying to get a stone effect though similar to this link: I'm also trying to get the hand you guys see to have a stone effect and sort of break the U within...
  13. qmyxpa0c1l34

    Xbox 360 Custom Game Case

    This was made using many various layers, a stock background picture, and the Xbox case cover art. For a tutorial head over to my blog, link is in my sig. Please comment, thanks :)
  14. YahyaK

    How to Create a Fake Game Case in Photoshop

    I hope you like the tutorial!
  15. R

    Please tell me this is not the case...........

    I was working on a PSD for hours. Had a meeting and put my PC in Stand By. During this time, Windows decided to install updates and Shut Down the computer after updates installed. Started PC and opened Photoshop and all my work is gone. Any chance this was automatically saved?