1. Y

    Hi everyone

    Can i have two my favorite characters together, please. Any background will do, but preferably some sort of cafe
  2. E

    Pop art chars

    is it hard to draw characters like this?
  3. K

    Simple Crop and Merge request!

    Hello, I have 5 screenshots from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 game and if it's possible I would like to merge all the roster characters in one wide image to make it as our sub Reddit header. Here are the screenshots: And if please I want it to look like this: But you know...
  4. MoltresRider

    various characters no longer working using type tool

    Characters like é in "Pokémon" if typed as [alt+130] on my keyboard. it always shows a box in place of that character. even on fonts like Ariel and Times New Romas which obviously have that character in the font. However, if I type out Pok[alt+130)mon out in notepad for "Pokémon", highlight it...
  5. M

    Importing Variable data sets with UTF 8 BOM japanese characters

    Hi Guys, I have an image template and have a xlsx file with Japanese characters wit two columns. I need to create images with this information by importing the CSV into variable data sets. When I convert the xlsx into csv, I was seeing question marks instead of Japanese characters. So, I did...
  6. A

    Where to start? How can i learn to get this good?!

    Hi All, I am really new to the world of animation and was hoping for some guidance, i was hoping that some day i could possibly be able to do this : Do my own animated images, with my own characters designed by me? Where...
  7. M

    Untooning Request

    About a few years ago, I've heard of a process of bringing cartoon characters to life by using photo-realistic textures, to give an idea as to how these cartoon characters would look like in real life, hence the term "untooning". However most of these untooning attempts look so unrealistic and...
  8. N

    Working with fonts and foreign languages

    Hi, I'm new and I don't know if anyone has asked this, but is there an easy way to handle typing foreign languages with a font that doesn't have the needed characters? My job is to take graphics in English and translate them into different languages. I do this with Photoshop. Some fonts the...
  9. T

    Custom characterd based background $35

    I need a background very similar to this one with the exception of the characters facing the opposite direciton: The two characters are here: I basically need them drawn out the same way as the first characters. This is needed...
  10. S

    REQUEST: Avengers/Marvel theme

    Hey guys and gal, i appreciate you taking a peek at this random request. Anywho! So, as you can see we all posed like dorks being our marvel counterparts, its more of a joke that arisen when we decided that the bald guy in the middle is proffessor X ( hence his invisible wheelchair) but with...
  11. SPWA

    Illustrator Urban Vinyl style Characters

    I wasn't sure where else to post this, but as it's Illustrator based I'll put it here. I have included example links & downloads. I've included .ai & .pdf format so you should also be able to open & use in Photoshop. Most of the the projects I do, are based around "skinning" custom...
  12. C

    Characters And Painting

    I am currently working on somthing that will require me to make cartoon characters and color them. So far ive drawn them on paper and put them on my computer. My plan was to scan the image to my computer and use it as a template to place vectors over and reshape them. After about three hours...
  13. gpgiuit

    wanted: design of about 20 cartoon funny animal characters

    Hello, I need about 17 cartoon funny animal character and 2 character of boy and girl (kids) and 1 character like shoe. this request is in .psd they will be print on wooden material and they will become wooden toys for kids. So I would bright colours I attached a image that I see on...