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    help adding toys into toy chest for children's hospital picture!

    Hi all! We got a new toy chest in our children's hospital department and we like this picture, but need some toys added to the toy chest. Could someone more talented than me add some pictures of toys (really anything - stuffed animals, Legos, anything) into the toy chest? I would appreciate...
  2. G

    3D Animating a Pirate-Chest

    Learning how to animate with a low poly Pirate Chest. Thanks For Watching!
  3. A

    headshot edits

    can someone please remove the hair that is on my chest and also fix my lips ( one side is bigger then the other )
  4. J

    stormtrooper chest plate and utility belt

    Hello, First time poster, Throughout the course of the night, the plastic chest plate and the utility belt of my stormtrooper costume had to be removed and, in my opinion, it took away from the photos my girlfriend and I took. Can you please add a chest plate and a utility belt to the...
  5. J

    help how can i achieve this effect?

    Hi all, how can i achieve the effect on the body the veins with glow and the stone with glow near the chest. greatly appreciate if anyone can guide me along.
  6. A

    [Request] I tried to make my chest slightly bigger=$ but I messed up..Can u clean up?

    Hi everyone!! =)) I hope this isnt too much to ask considering that i'm new around here but.. I'm desperate, I really wanted to make my chest look a little bit bigger, so I asked a friend to do it , but it looked terrible so I tried to do it myself but the more i try to improve it the...
  7. inkpad.t

    The Dogs Room

    Well, a rest for week or more has done me good... i got bogged down with my head in Photoshop that much i was distracted on other things. But got back to it and did this one.