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  1. Paul

    The official PSG Christmas tree challenge

    Add to the PSG christmas tree, it's looking a little bare and in need of some decorations, show us your crazy/original or just good old traditional additons. Have some holiday fun, go on - no critiques so don't be shy.
  2. R

    Seeking some Christmas Help

    Hello Everyone, I'm in need of some help. I can assure you that I have been watching many a YouTube tutorials on this, I've tried the Fourier transform plug in for the textured photo paper and patch tools for creases etc, but I just don’t think my skill level is good enough to get this photo as...
  3. M

    Hello Everyone! I need some serious help.

    Hey everyone, My name is Martha and I am new to the photoshop world. I need some serious help with some photos. I don't know if it's proper etiquette to just post something I need fixed but I am desperate. Plus, I don't feel comfortable posting photos of my child on sites like Reddit and request...
  4. dv8_fx

    Christmas 2014 Adventskalender Freebies

    It's the Christmas month and one of the most awaited months in the graphics world. A time when the Graphics community share Christmas freebies to its members and visitors. The following are some links to graphic sites and forums from all over the world. You may have to be a member at some...
  5. chrisdesign

    Challenge 26: Magic Christmas Window

    In this challenge you have to try to leave the traditional christmas pattern and replace it with new creative ideas on the subject. my example This challenge ends on the 18th Dezember 2014, midnight GMT. Have fun! Regards Chris.
  6. G

    Christmas sweater effect?

    Hi guys, Long story short, my girlfriend (she's a teacher for a primary school) has asked me to help make a poster for their winter fair. I've seen a Christmas sweater/jumper design a few times and would love to recreate the effect. Here are two examples: I can see that both posters have a...
  7. G

    Photo edit Request

    My boyfriend and I agreed not to get each other anything spendy for Christmas, so I came up with the idea of framing a picture of him and his daughter. He has a favorite picture but there is one issue with it, his pants are saggy and he hates it. If anyone could possibly edit the image so that...
  8. Carson

    What did you get for Christmas? This is what I got -->

    Hey, guys I created a post on my blog of what I got for Christmas. The Photo-Tavern: A Must Have Designers Tool! Comment on my blog as well please, or register on the right hand side, via email.
  9. Cindy Grundsten

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  10. Hoogle

    Baby Christmas is coming to town........

    MERRY CHRISTMAS I have edited a series of pictures for a friend today and thought it would be a nice idea if people uploaded pictures with a christmas theme of children after all this is what christmas is all about. If you have edited a picture feel free to do a before and after. ps I did not...
  11. ibclare

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays GURUS! XMAS Tree ANIM

    Just a little something I felt inspired to do. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas but many celebrate the time of year. The darkest days come to an end and the light is lengthening. We shine our lights and hold festivities to brighten and warm the dark and the cold. Well, my culture is...
  12. T

    Christmas favor needed. PLEASE

    I have this christmas card that i really need to be photoshopped into ASAP. Its really important to my gf and i cant figure out how to do it on my own and make it look good. I know it wont take long for a pro so, if you can, please take the few minutes out to help me. PM me and I can send you...
  13. S

    Ideas for a funny Christmas Card

    Hi all, I've been given the task of producing a witty Christmas card at work - the one I tried first time around wasn't very well received! :evil: Anyone got any ideas/templates/tutorials I could follow given that I'm something of a novice (although getting better) on PS. Thanks!
  14. O

    [Request] Please help me with a christmas present I'm putting together

  15. Bobzworld

    After Effects Where can i find AE Christmas Holiday Tutorials?

    Where can i find AE Christmas Holiday Tutorials & downloadable templates?
  16. N

    Need Help for Weird Christmas idea

    Hi Photoshoppers, I know nothing about photoshop but i have an idea for a Christmas gift for a friend and im hoping i can hire one of u to do it for me.. I'm looking to make 5ft cardboard cut out of Adam Levine drinking a margarita while riding a dolphin. I know very weird. So if any of you...
  17. A

    My Latest Premium Works - Wintery Christmas & New Years Eve Flyer

    My latest premium flyer - wht do you think? On sale here: Print Templates - Wintery Christmas & New Years Eve PSD Party Flyer | GraphicRiver
  18. Dana Alley

    Need Fresh Eyes and Advice - Christmas Design

    My mother-in-law has hired me to digitally design some Christmas cards. She gave me this description. "this is what I am thinking....snow falling on a christmas tree with a full moon in the backgroundAND (here's the kicker). I want a daisy coming up thru the snow.The daisy is the eye...