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    Edit a class photo for me please

    ok so my Fire academy class had a good opportunity to take a class picture when the blue angels were flying but we didn't have a camera. So we used an iPhone and could not get the angels in the shot. Is there any way to photoshop something in like that? Also, some how write SFFD with 120th...
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    Paying $150 For PhotoShop Help

    Hey guys. I am currently taking an online photography class and my final project involves doing some complicated things in Photoshop and using Adobe Light Room. I don't have enough skill to complete the project to be honest I have kind of been slacking in this class. I am willing to pay $150 on...
  3. D

    [Request] US Air Force pilots need help with flight suit patch redesign. Reward.

    Hi, I am an Air Force pilot, and we are looking for a patch for our class. We are training to fly new aircraft, and the patch is a huge part of our tradition. We have this example "Avengers" themed patch we like (see link at bottom), however we want it to look even better. Do you have a new take...
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    looking to build my photoshop skills

    Hi there My name is Inessa, I am a computer science student. I've taken a photoshop class and really enjoy it! I'd like to learn new techniques and build a portfolio.