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  1. A

    image looks bad when exported

    i'm very happy with the way my project looks inside photoshop - but it looks like completely different whenever I export it :frown: before/after shot: yes, the image is clear when exported; however the intended glow effect is super rough and doesn't blend...
  2. pslane

    Pixel art with PhotoShop

    Hello, I do a lot of pixel art with PSP and would like to do it with PS. Tonight I tried and the pixels won't come out clear. Is there a secret to making pixel art with PS? Thanks, pslane
  3. M

    Folding image with effects

    The topic pretty much says it all.... but i will provide with an image to give people clear idea as to what im looking for..
  4. B

    Two images: one is clearer than the other one

    These two images are positioned close in the same web page, but one is darker than the other and the total effect is a bad result. On which parameters should I work? Thanks to all.
  5. B

    Clear backgrounds making selection black not white

    I am having some trouble clearing out the backgrounds of certain images. I'm taking images and want to quickly delete out any pixels not on the product I'm shooting (make all pixels white). Once I have my selection I go to "Edit" and then "Clear". Instead of making the selection white, it...
  6. Z

    just want to be clear about something...

    is everyone okay with my new avatar in the feelings sense? or do you think i should pipe it down a little, i don't want people getting upset by it and not asking me to change it. so if you have any genuine issue with my avatar, please don't hesitate to post a line. and if a majority of people...