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    Need some help with picture of a appartment

    Hi everyone, I recently startet with photoshop but i'm stuck on some pics of my appartment. (which i want to sell) There are some windows with closed curtains which should be half-open. Also there is a moped and bicycle in front of my appartment which I would like to dissapear. I have spend a...
  2. D

    Cloning content in video and animation frames

    I am trying to hide an object in a video clip in Photoshop CS6 by the use of cloning? Thanks.
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    Quick cloning on multiple photos

    Hi. I'm making a video for a marketing project in school. I have taken a clip from a youtube video that I have segmented into individual frames and then removed some frames and put them back together to create a stop-motion effect for the video. One of the clips has text near the bottom that I...
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    question on cloning

    I'm pretty new at photoshop. I have some really pretty actions I am using for my sisters engagement photos. My question is, I am trying to clone out strands of my sisters hair on a background layer, but when I use an action, I cannot view both of these together, the cloned out hair and the...
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    REQUEST: Need help with eye swapping my lazy eye :(

    Hello everyone, New to the forum. Getting serious about teaching myself photoshop. In the meantime though - could someone please lasso, clone, or whatever it is you do, and swap out my bad eye (my left) in these photos? (is it possible with the head angle/tilt?). I would just like it to look a...
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    Need help with Cloning Tool

    I've loved and used my cloning tool for years. All of a sudden I went to apply it and it would be grainy or splattery (new word) on the edges. I changed by brush types an everything, but with no success. I even undated to the newest version of PHotoshop, but still can't get it to work. Any...
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    Cloning Font/text within an image?

    Hi, I want to know if it's possible to "clone" text/font and use it to retype your own words within an image. For example, I'm making a simply vinyl record in photoshop, I took a picture of one that I have and I simply want to remove the words from it. I suppose I do that with the clone tool to...
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    Advanced Photoshop Cloning technique -- cloning through a tonal gradient

    I recently had a tricky cloning situation and came up with what I thought was an innovative solution. I think most power Photoshop users will find this useful at some future time. Check out my blog post at 25 May 2011, or go directly there with...