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Need some help with picture of a appartment


Hi everyone,

I recently startet with photoshop but i'm stuck on some pics of my appartment. (which i want to sell)
There are some windows with closed curtains which should be half-open.
Also there is a moped and bicycle in front of my appartment which I would like to dissapear.

I have spend a few hours with reading, Cloning and Fixing tools but it doesn't get much better. :help:

Would someone like to help me? It's about 3 pics.

Greetings Peter
The pics:




For example to mention which windows and moped + cycle I mean I have marked the items:


Thanks for try to help me!

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The image is the same size and quality than the original (except for a little crop i made to level the picture), you only have to click twice on the picture and download.

Great! Thanks man, I really appricate this. Do you think it's possible the romove the moped an cycle on the 2nd pic as well?

What kind of tool did you use?
Yes, i used "clone buffer" i dont know how is called in english photoshop (i use google translator :cheesygrin:) its not a difficult job, only need patience and dont forget to play with the opacity on the tool and the brush if you wanna give it a try