1. I

    Senior Pics

    Please get rid of the two sun glare dots. One next to the shoulder and one next to the eye. Thanks!
  2. K


    Hello guys can anyone help me to change the colour of the knife's handle in the 2nd pic become exactly same as the 1st pic's .thank you Knife
  3. Speedyslyder

    Hi new to the forum try to figure it out:)

    Hi im new here have been playing with pics for awhile though here to learn from all of the awesome people here yes that is my face:rolleyes:
  4. R

    Night Mode mistake - Can someone change back to normal colors.

    I purchased a Go Pro knockoff camera for a recent vacation trip to try. I was playing with the settings in a cave and had it on night mode. The following day I was taking pics on the ocean while kayaking and all my still shots were still in night mode so everything has a white hue to it. I'm...
  5. A

    Join 2 pics for panorama

    Hi! Glad to meet you all. I'd like to ask here for a small work; I want to join/merge the 2 pics I attach here, in order to get a single one as a panorama, although not very big because they are 2 pics and a part of them overlaps. I've tried to do it but as they were edited with prysma...
  6. P

    White horse cuts removal

    Hi trying to remove the cuts from my horses face from these pics if possible. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. S

    Hello How r u

    My names is Sofi Kova u can find me on facebook, i like to photoshop people, like to make them nice))) i just learned photoshop and id like u to correct me , while im gonna send pics before and after
  8. B

    outline effect

    Im not even sure what to call this effect...but my church has asked me to do this as a logo for our church....the example is the purple logo? i also have 2 pics of the church...not sure which one to use for the logo...any help will be appreciated...I'm limited in my ability...
  9. Eggy

    Guardian Of The Wood

    Still feeling bloated from all that food and drinks during these days and no intention to move if not strictly necessary I started with two background pics and the rest is Pixelsquid and brushes. to get
  10. K

    A challenge for you guys

    Hi guys,could you remove the people around me in the first pic? Going to provide few more pics so you guys have material to work with :) Let me know if you need more pics,thanks in advance and happy holidays :)
  11. S

    Just saying hello

    Hey there. New to the page. Obviously. So i stopped here to say hi and a bit about me. So i am a photoshop hobbyist i guess. I like to fiddle with it and watch tutorials. But its mostly on ohe people's photos. I dont own a nice camera yet.... so its really Nothing serious. I do eventually...
  12. R

    Family Photo Help

    Hi there, I am hoping someone would be able to help me out. My girlfriend who is working on her photography skills took some wonderful photos of my family. The catch she wasn't able to get a great shot of all of us, understandable as my son is 7 months old and lets be honest taking great pics...
  13. N

    Edit: remodel outside of house

    Wife and I are remodeling our house and we both really don't like the red brick exterior and are planning on painting it but having trouble deciding what color to paint the brick and the trim. Can y'all make us with some Photoshopped pictures of color schemes and show us what it'll look like...
  14. Z

    Picture with the bride?!

    Dear Community, I hope you can help me solve my problem. At my wedding we took the obligatory family pictures, however I missed to ask the photographer for a picture of just my sister and I. My sister is now suuuuuuuper sad and I feel really bad for being such a crappy sibling, so I was...
  15. P

    Need some help with picture of a appartment

    Hi everyone, I recently startet with photoshop but i'm stuck on some pics of my appartment. (which i want to sell) There are some windows with closed curtains which should be half-open. Also there is a moped and bicycle in front of my appartment which I would like to dissapear. I have spend a...
  16. G

    looking for someone to fix my wedding photos

    I have a few wedding photos that need minor fixing. I took photos in a park where they just cut the grass and it caused my allergies to act up and made my eyes red and one of them swell so it looks like I have a lazy eye in some of my pics. Because of this I've been hesitant about printing them...
  17. K

    3 girls

    I have 3 pictures of front facing girls and i would like them to be photoshopped topless. Can anyone help? Message me for pics and details
  18. F

    More Manga

    This is really fun ! (and no, sorry, don't have any pics of me ;) )
  19. hershy314

    Removing a stuck lens filter (was: Death of a lens)

    I was trying to get this filter off my one and only lens so I could clean it. Well I had the filter on a little too tight so it wasn't coming off by hand. So like a dummy I grabbed a pair of pliers and tried getting it off that way. Well instead of getting the lens off I managed to break the...
  20. Eggy


    Still too hot outside and the nearest seashore is about 220 km from here, so I made one for myself. Used these pics: and some stuff from CG Textures to get this (resized): Let me have it! :naughty: