1. R

    improve image quality for better reading

    Hi All, I have taken a pic of my text document using my cell phone however due to inadequate lighting condition the image got blurred and not fruitfully readable. Can any one let me know how and what can I do with Photoshop to improve the photo quality for reading purpose. More over since I...
  2. Pipsmom

    Reading Faint writing on old pictures

    I seem to run across this a lot lately but wondering how do you go about reading faint names written on old photos? I've tried everything on this one but still cant make out all the names...some too faint to even consider....... :question: Just wondering
  3. P

    Hello, New Member

    Hi All Just popped in to say Hello I am a keen Amateur Photographer, been using Photoshop for about a year, and still learning !. Look forward to reading and watching all the very useful information on here. Cheers:)
  4. V

    Gang/Clan logo.

    Hello there my name is VesTas and i have a clan/gang and i need a logo maybe a better or just a new one, i really need a good one but not to fancy one.Here is my clan logo. My clan's logo My clan/gang full name is Public Enemies and tag PE, so if you're inspired to do one please, DO IT (You get...
  5. K


    just a hello, I'm here to get some help on a logo I'm having issues with, I have been a long time lurker, reading and trying to learn but still cant get it down. Ken
  6. Pearlie

    Ascending Order won't 'stick'

    Instead of scrolling all the way to the end, or even next page and then reading backwards to find the INITIAL post, how can I save the setting for Ascending order? thanks:twisted:
  7. P

    Need some help with picture of a appartment

    Hi everyone, I recently startet with photoshop but i'm stuck on some pics of my appartment. (which i want to sell) There are some windows with closed curtains which should be half-open. Also there is a moped and bicycle in front of my appartment which I would like to dissapear. I have spend a...
  8. T


    My name is Thomas Clark, lives in Reading, United Kingdom. And by profession I am a travel Agent in reading as well as London areas.