1. M

    Specific Photoshop face, body, and background

    My son and daughter refuse to take a good picture with each other so I need help photoshopping their faces onto the people hugging in the third picture. Finally I would like if possible to photoshop that onto the last pics background. Please and Thank you
  2. Y

    Two photos into One?

    Hello Gurus, I have a "chore" to do. I am not even sure of the correct terminology for this so it is hard to search. In short, I have two pictures of my daughter and her friends; in one her eyes are closed, in the other, her friends' eyes are closed (I had no idea teenagers blinked so much!). I...
  3. A

    It's too hard to draw a basic line diagram...

    I just want to draw a moderately complex diagram, but it seems that any time I want a new line not connected to a previous one I have to create a new layer to make a new shape. I could end up with 20 layers. Am I doing something wrong? Related question: I can't figure out how to add more lines...
  4. C

    New here :)

    Hello new here, And new to photoshop. I have not long purchased photoshop elements 15 and just after some what I think might be very minor photoshop skills :) I'm guessing some of you guys could do with your eyes closed...:), But for me I'm finding very difficult :banghead:. Anyways names Curtis...
  5. H

    Straightening Teeth Help!

    Hello, I would like my teeth to be fixed. I got braces today for cosmetic reasons - mostly to close my gap - but am already considering removal because I am scared that I will regret "correcting" my smile. My teeth aren't perfect, but they're mine, ya know? It hasn't even been 12 hours and I...
  6. hershy314

    Long exposure

    Couple shots I took during my last trip home. The next trip I'll hopefully have some interesting photos, a mall I used to go to as a kid is now closed and from what I've heard it's easy to get permission to get in and snap some photos.
  7. M

    Help me switch heads on a picture

    Hi everyone, I am very new to photoshop and am just starting to try my hand at photography. I have a delma with two pictures I recently took at an event. in the first image I like everything except for the one lady has her eyes closed. In the next shot, a different lady has her eyes closed...
  8. D

    Hi There!

    Hi everyone, I'm Diana. I am not a total newbie to Photoshop, but am also far from an expert.. so I don't know what that makes me - haha I used to be very involved in a forum way back, but has been closed down for some time now. I loved everything I learned from it and also the friends and...
  9. B

    Help Fixing Closed Eyes

    Hello, I recently had my picture taken with the Edge from U2, however his eyes weren't looking at the camera, which looks like his eyes are closed and its annoying! Please can anyone help me edit his eyes to make them look that they are open? This is my original image: Here are some...
  10. I

    Need help with a picture with closed eyes (please!)

    So I met Train a few days ago and of course my eyes are closed in the picture. :( It would mean so much if someone could fix this for me! I also posted another pic with my eyes open.