1. D

    Focus area closings

    For photoshop cc 2015 there is a tool called focus area and it works fine if I use it once per document However if I attempt to use it twice without closing the program gives a "Photoshop will now close" dialogue box Is there some type of repair to this?
  2. Eggy

    Mouse stutter after closing PS session

    Well, I got rid of my good old CS6 and started with CC 2015 after upgrading my system. The problem now is that my mouse is stuttering after closing a CC 2015 session. I thought waiting a bit would resolve the problem but I always end up restarting my PC. It doesn't take long to restart my...
  3. D

    Can control panels be made to stay open?

    The control panels (most importantly to me, the Layers, Colors and text-control panels) collapse each time I perform some action with them. For instance, if I call up the Layers panel intending to clone something from one layer to another, the panel stays open while I select the first layer...
  4. C

    Is there a way to remove / change feather option AFTER closing lasso on Photoshop?

    Hi there Ive just spent 20 minutes polygonal lassoing round an image and after I'd closed the lasso shape I found I'd accidentally set feather on 34 rather than 1 (God knows how I did this). Is it possible to remove the feather option at this point, or better still change it to 1, or am I going...