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  1. S

    Missing Mt Fuji :(

    Hello Gurus, My fianc? and I have always dreamed of coming to Japan and seeing Mt Fuji. We saved for two years and finally made it all the way from London to Tokyo. Today after a two hour bus ride I?m stood at the viewpoint for Mt Fuji. Unfortunately it is completely covered in clouds, to say...
  2. R

    Hi guy can you help?

    Hi, my dog died last year and a few people were kind enough to photo shop him with wings in the clouds. It came out beautifil and my kids loved it. Now my cousins dog Puff passed away yesterday leaving behind 4 grieving kids. Can anyone make puff a angel in the clouds? I know it would bring a...
  3. D

    How to create clouds like spray cream

    Hi, I found two images and both of them have clouds. This clouds are not natural, but looks good in manipulation. I tried using directly cloud brush, but they gave more of natural look. Then, I tried using Cotton to make clouds and decrease the structure and sharpening That process gave me...
  4. gedstar

    Something very strange going on in Ireland

    Look no clouds and it's 22 oC :shocked:
  5. R

    Photo shop dog

    Hi today is the one year anniversary of my dog Riley's passing. My kids miss him terribly. Can someone photo shop him with angel wings maybe with a halo in the clouds. Possibly also make his pupils black too!Thank you
  6. N

    Q: How to remove Clouds in a gradient sky?

    Hi, I wandering If you can orientate how I can remove this clouds . With Patch, Fill with Content-aware, healing brush , doesn't work correctly. Any advice, tip in how I can remove this clouds that in my composition , appear the Clouds are more importan than the skyline. So I want to remove...
  7. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography 4M @ See

    This is an experiment to create my own made sea in 3D and make it interact with another 3D object. Except the lamps (3D object from Archive 3D) everything is made in PS 3D. The extra waves, water spatter and clouds are brushes. It's an experiment and I'll have to fine tune the method! Here's...
  8. Eggy

    'Wordle', not a plugin but a 'word clouds' generator

    Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use...
  9. Z

    Unable to run "Actions"

    Greetings everyone. I am using PS6. I am trying to run an Action called "SandStorm". it gives me an error "The command 'clouds' is currently not available". Please help me getting this fixed. Thanks & Regards, Azaan.
  10. T

    Blending a patch of sky with clouds added to sky of another photo

    I am trying to add a patch of sky with clouds to a photo of a flowering tree's sky (host). How do I blend the skies? I tried to match the patch's color as much as possible to the sky color of the host but both are of uneven darkness (darker in one area then another, in both the host & the...
  11. gedstar

    Head in the Clouds

    Haven't done a photo manipulation in a while so came up with this, not sure if it's finished yet but comments would be most appreciated Images used Final Image
  12. L

    Please help how to achieve this effect (picture inside)

    Hi! I am trying to achieve this effect with a cloud picture. I know that the cloud picture is reflected but other than that I am not sure how the effect is done... Does anybody know how this is done? Thanks in advance! =)
  13. V

    Need Advise on Blending

    Hello Everyone I'm a PS novice and need some guidance on how to blend these two image nicely. I was hoping someone can guide me on getting the sun on one of the pics and merging it onto the other clouds pic (with silver linings on the edge of the clouds from the sun). I hope to learn the steps...
  14. J

    How to make shapes in the sky out of clouds?

    Hi there, I have intermediate level knowledge of Photoshop (CS5). I did a one-day course a couple of months ago, where the instructor told us how to put shapes/images/text in the sky and then make it so that it looked like cloud. For example we wrote something like, "High in the Sky", then...
  15. S

    How to highlight the cloud's in my picture | Help please

    Hi everyone... I'm in need of some tip's/techniques to get this kind of final out put. Basically i need the clouds to be highlighted as in the photos attached. They are done by a pro AYASHOK and i want to know the secret behind this... please guy's help me with this .... I'm a starter with...
  16. F

    Help creating vector clouds in Photoshop

    Hi all, Im wanting to recreate a cloud vector from a stock image site. Unforutanly im rubbish with vectors and have no use making anything like this version. Could someone help or push me in the right directions. Rain Clouds Stock Vector 13712545 : Shutterstock Thanks Flemingjp