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  1. V

    How to achieve these colors?

    Hi, guys. Im a night club photographer, beed using photoshop since CS2. Till now I haven't had any problems to achieve whatever I have wanted to achieve. But i stumbled upon a night club in Dubai and the colors they got in their photos are just woah. The lightning is similar /through led...
  2. O

    introducing me myself and I: outletvalve

    Hi everybody :hi: I'm outletvalve from the Netherlands. I'm a newbie here, just wondering around and getting used to the rules here... Hope to join the club, and have a good time! :happy:outletvalve
  3. M

    Clup logo request

    Hello guys, We formed a club called entrepreneurship club. we need a logo but we couldnt find a designer so we need your help :/ . for a design, you know what is the entrepreneur and logo needs be related to the topic. I'm caught between two designs; first one is a minimalist, second is a logo...
  4. robbydarabian

    Request for the Club :)

    Request time, and im afraid I will mess it up.. So I am making some flyers for my friends promotional company and the way she wants them is too hard for me.. So this is what I want the end product to look like.. I want to use this girl as the background picture since it is her birthday...
  5. W

    got a logo

    i made logo for our school club, we call the club makabayan club which show our nationality, the leader of our group ask to make logo for he club which show the following subjects: social studies, computer, technology and living economics, christian living, music, arts, physical education and...