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Request for the Club :)


Request time, and im afraid I will mess it up.. So I am making some flyers for my friends promotional company and the way she wants them is too hard for me.. So this is what I want the end product to look like..

End Product.jpg


I want to use this girl as the background picture since it is her birthday and I want to
have like the date that the party is

So I wanted to have the Join us on Thursday Aug 11th and directly under that Friday Aug 12th on the top left

And in the bottom left corner I wanted the name of the club which is Spybar and Soundbar in the bottom right hand corner



And in the bottom middle I wanted the name of the promotional company which is Soundwave

SWE Pik.jpg

^^So this picture in the bottom middle.

And under her face where her shirt is I would like "Samantha's Birthday Bash @ SpyBAR- 646 N Franklin"
and under that Soundbar- 226 W Ontario

So I wanted it basically to look cool like that one on the very top with the guy in it. You are free to use flashy colors and anything to make it look techno~esque or Club~esque.. Please I really need someone's help in this haha.. Im having soo much trouble..

And whoever helps I will love you forever!! haha
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hi robby,
will this flyer be printed? if yes, im afraid that size and resolution wont big enough to do so. and that case you should clarify the size you want it to be when printed(maybe A5 or A6?).
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