1. Pipsmom

    Dirt Question

    Hey guys.....friendly pest asking for you advice again as to what you would do.....I'm having conflicting doubts the best way to proceed as I want it to look convincing so I came to a screeching halt to ask your option before proceeding. A little back ground...I've been extremly lucky having...
  2. Inkz

    Logo Collection 2016/2017

    Hey friends.. Just put together a collection of logos I've designed or recreated over the last year. These are presented in B/W for the collection but most ended up in colour. Thanks for looking.
  3. gedstar

    Google’s $150 Nik Collection of Photo Editing Software is Now 100% Free

    More info here You can download it from here
  4. hershy314

    New Lens to the Collection.

    Ok really don't think I can call it a collection since there are only two lenses now. I just picked up a 40-150mm zoom lens. The zoom on this thing is awesome. I am surprised at how far it zooms in. Picked up from KEH. Here are a couple shots I took.
  5. Paul

    Illustrator Nice collection of how to get started

    Basics with hints and tips.
  6. R

    Your creativity is needed! It'll be funny! :)

    Hey everyone! :lol: Last summer me and a friend were in Barcelone, Spain. I took a realy cool picture of him and i photoshoped it twice. Now I need your creativity! Can you photoshop it? I need more pictures, it would be so nice. When I've enough then I'll show him the ''collection''...
  7. CzoDesigns

    Box Collection

    Hello guys! In this archive I've added my first box designs. If you like them, LIKE us!
  8. rasoN

    Nice collection of wallpapers here

    I recently found a collection of more than 5000 wallpapers that i want to share with you . Best wallpapers / :D tell me your favourite from here :D