1. Ucan

    Check my comic

    Just to show some of my comics , i would appreciate any suggestions.
  2. E

    Comic style cloud

    how can i draw a comic style cloud like this on photoshop?
  3. E

    Comic style background

    hi everyone, i want to to comic style background like the one below but i want all the stripes have equal width. in this one below lighter color stripes are wider than darker ones. how can i do it?
  4. Zain Khan

    Rough Self Sketch

    Just decided to practice line art. I selected one of my own photos and experimented over it. Please leave your comments I need critiques and praises on it lol
  5. E

    Comic style shapes

    do u know where i can find comic style shapes for custom shape tool?
  6. C

    Brushes 6 Marker

    I want Comic Sketch set of 6 marker earth essential set. From where i get this stuff?
  7. Zain Khan

    Need help Formatting a comic book

    I am grateful to the people last time I got what I needed help with :). This time I would like to ask if there is any tutorial available to format comic book pages in a pdf file format. A friend of mine has asked me to do it, I can even show files and reference what he needs exactly
  8. Skyes

    Please, I need help on a new Comic Book project where I use real photos to draw

    Hello everyone. It's been a while. How are you guys? Well, I am starting this new comic book/manga story. I use real pictures to draw over them and add effects on them, like this: (I used Ian Somenhaulder as a model to one of my characters) I have many more examples made, like these: As you...
  9. Movie Poster

    Comic Style (Photoshop) / Before-After

  10. S

    Almost There!

    Hey guys. I haven't been on much lately due to organising this shoot. After a few scheduling and re-schedulings of the shoot date so all the models, costume designers, photographer and make up artist could make it, its on for March 1. The characters we have are: Aquaman Poison Ivy The...
  11. R

    Any way to fix a slightly bad scan?

    I have a comic that has bad scanning with pictures like where you can see that a little bit of the righthand side is blurry. On some of the pages in this comic, there are pieces of text that lie within the blurry zone (they can still be read, but they're blurry). It is not possible for the...
  12. S

    Fire Sprite

    This is an X-Men universe character I made up. Took a bit of playing around with blend modes to get the skin right, but I think I'll put in a developed background. I made this as a promo for a fictional X-Men tv series. Model is Jessica Truscott, and the image is from
  13. Paul

    Comic book remake

    This weeks challenge is to create your own comic book cover, it could be any genre from old school marvel type comics right up to the manga typed comic book covers, it's up to you. Use any character you want, or maybe free draw your own new character - just remember to keep images uploaded to...
  14. P

    Restoring aging comic book pages

    I have a scan of a comic book (actually multiple books) that the pages have aged so they have a sepia look to them. What's the best way of removing the sepia while restoring the original colors? It's hard because I really don't know what the pristine comic book pages looked like so restoring the...