1. H

    Keep only uncommon content / Opposite of stack mode median

    Hello everyone, I'll try to be as clear as possible: A popular photo technique for removing unwanted content is to take a couple pictures of the same scene, convert them as smart object, auto-align them and use stack mode median or mean to remove the content that's uncommon in all pictures (can...
  2. S

    Resizing with Content aware in PS 2017

    I have a photo that is approximately 24+ x 18+. I want to print it at 20x24. I'm not sure how to upsize it using content aware to arrive at this size. I've attached my screen shot. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. R

    Content aware fill

    Hello again out there! In a tutorial, I am learning how to use the content aware fill by selecting the Fill menu item from the edit menu. I first have to select the part that needs to be filled in this way. I use the polygon selection tool to select this area, which includes selection...
  4. D

    video editing

    Is it possible to eliminate a logo from an entire (3 second) video with just one move? I can do a marquee tool > edit > fill > content aware for each frame but can it be done by just doing it once and having the logo out for the whole clip?
  5. S

    Content Aware Scale Negative Weight - Feature Removed?

    When using content aware scale, you can select a channel to protect. But this video shows a feature where you can select an area to remove instead. Is this feature present in CS6 somewhere? It looks like a very useful tool, and quite different effect than just a fill. *ignore "feature removed"...
  6. PegoMan

    Can PS synchronize multiple photos like Camera Raw?

    I want to do a time lapse of the formation of tree blossoms, but I want to remove some items from the photos like the power lines in this sample. I can do that in PS, but I don't know how to synchronize the changes to 300 photos. I can synchronize easily in Camera Raw, but don't know how to...
  7. D

    Cloning content in video and animation frames

    I am trying to hide an object in a video clip in Photoshop CS6 by the use of cloning? Thanks.
  8. Z

    Restoring deleted PMs?

    Hey guys, I deleted a PM a while ago, but i've forgotten the content of it and said content was quite important and I would like to know if PMs are soft deleted like posts are? And whether I can restore that PM? Thanks Zee
  9. S

    Content Aware Move Tool

    I was using the Content Aware Move Tool while following alongon a video, both I and tutorial where using PS CC. I noticed in the tool barfor the Content Aware Move Tool the tutorial had the “Adaptation” setting thatI did not have on my screen. It is the setting with the drop down box that has...
  10. H

    replace content of smart object by variables(data sheet)

    I have about 15 smart objects in my photoshop file and I also have more than 200 pictures that needed to be replaced in those layers and be saved.Data sets doesn't display pixed replacement for smart objects.What's the solution?I used to select every smart object and select replace content and...
  11. I

    Removing fishnets

    Hello! I've just joined this website. I'm looking for some assistance. I'm trying to remove red fishnets from a model's image she sent me. I am currently on CS4, so I do not have the content aware fill option that's available on CS5. Any help for a newbie would be greatly appreciated!
  12. J

    large poster

    Hello, I need to create a very karge poster size 2.5 meters high and 3.92 width with jpg content. Where do i start? DO I design a normal sized picture and upscale it or...? thanks
  13. S

    How do I automatically "Update All Modified Content" on a linked smart object

    I have a single smart object which will act as a texture layer. This texture layer is linked to over 100 documents, when I want to put a new texture in this smart object I save it then open up 1 of the 100 documents, it has the yellow warning symbol and I have to click "Update All Modified...
  14. T

    Video Tutorial: Removing a Person (Without Getting in Trouble with the Law)

    This is a Photoshop Video Tutorial on how to remove an unwanted person/object from photographs. It replaces them with the background of the photo which will seamlessly blend into the photograph and make it appear as though they were never there. Link to Video:-...
  15. SirHale

    Problem with content aware fill.

    Ok, so this is my first post and probably my last depending on whether I get any more problems. I've been using Phototshop CS5 for a while now, mostly to make graphics for a website I'm a part of. Up until today, I've been able to cut things out using the polygonal lasso tool; I've been able to...
  16. I

    Using the content aware fill on video layer

    Hi, guys, I jsut wanna ask you 1 fast question. Is it possible to use the Content Aware ( Fill) to remove objects, but to remove it from the whole video layer? I know its kind a hard to do, because if the layer has 300 images, the object that I want to remove will be in different places on the...