1. ZeroCool22

    Great web with high quality photoshop works. it's more humoristic a like, but there are great quality works, also some tutorials and contests.
  2. G

    Re_Newed Member

    Hi folks! My name is Virginia and I am a continuing learner of Adobe CC as a designer basically I went to Mcfatter College in florida for multimedia digital design course and am honing my skills any advice is greatly appreciated. I am currently working on logo design and entering contests...
  3. TerryC

    Some VIP Contests would be cool

    Here's a thought :shocked: You could host some contests, and the prize could be a VIP member ship. I found a site that has some great actions for Photoshop, it's | Photoshop actions & other resources - Check out heir OoB Contest. It is very cleaver, :mrgreen: