1. C

    Pen tool question

    When I'm using the pen tool. Sometimes I might evidently click on something else or I might click a button in th le keyboard. After this happens I can't continue from where I left off. It starts a whole new selection. When I try to alt+z it doesn't fix it either. So my question is, what do I...
  2. Hybrus

    Good day, I am Wrollen.

    Hello there, I am Wrollen, I am using Photoshop for 5 years and looking forward to learn adobe illustrator. I had the experience of freelancing 4 years ago and for an instance a difficult problem came up to my life and sadly broke my career as a freelancer. But then, as time goes by. I Decided...
  3. ibclare

    Happy New Year to all and may 2015 surprise us all!

    . . . with the presents of creativity that will ever be gifted to each us of. I hope you all enjoy and make the best of 2015. I don't intend to make any resolutions. They don't mean anything unless you back them up with action. So I simply figure that I have the perseverance and fun to...