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  1. M

    Illustrator Rounded Corners

    Hi guys So i am trying to get a rounded corner effect like this YouTuber did, i have asked how he did it but his not replying. i am talking about the rounded box around where it says "YouTuber" and "Dreaming to...", as what he said is click on the corners of the box and the live corners should...
  2. E

    Round corners

    I stroke a text but its corners are rounded how can i do it not rounded?
  3. G

    Corner fill stadium

    Hi was wondering if someone could fill corners. Just the bottom tiers and have big screens above in corners. Also wouldn't mind seeing two tier to two tier joined and bottom of one tier to bottom of two tier joined with big screen above. Many thanks
  4. M

    Wrap Smart Object Around Edges

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to create a smart object that automatically wraps around corners similar to the attached image. Any help or tutorials would be awesome. Thanks!
  5. O

    Aligning objects perfectly

    Hello! I am making a postcard for my Grandfather for the holidays and I want to align these two lions on the upper corners of the card. I want them to be equidistant from their prospective corners. Is there a way to input specific coordinates relative to a given point? Again, if I'm not...
  6. P

    How to make rounded corners in CS5?

    Making rounded corners is very easy yet beginner photosho users might find it hard. I am going to show you exactly how to make rounded corners in CS5. Hope that will help you a lot. Step 1: Open an image with CS5. Step 2: Choose Rounded rectangle tool or press U and draw a rectangle. Step 3...
  7. X

    rounded corners

    I know how to make rounded corners. But the background has color and shows the square corners of the palette. Echota Contracting