1. Jerry D

    It's Time

    I think if the POTUS can have fake magazine covers, I can ,too... :naughty:
  2. H

    Surreal Effect Question

    I'm trying to achieve a distinct look and feel for a photomanip I'm working on. There's this trend of giving photographs an almost illustrated appearance; what I would describe as a 'surreal' look, as seen in this Avengers movie poster: One of the premiere book cover designers in the...
  3. LemonLuuk

    Im back!

    I've been away for a while and im back. So what do you guys think about these 2 covers?
  4. Jerry D

    CD covers

    I'm so bored! Nothing on TV, the weather is crappy, holidays are over. It's either clean house or play at Ps. Guess which I'm doing? So I thougt I'd post some old CD covers I've done, just to see what you think about them. They're not great but why not? Here's the first one...
  5. B

    Hello, It's me!

    Hello from the other side! Old time photoshoper here with skillz. I enjoy using photo shop to create all types of graphics for business profits and personal enjoyment. Business: Billboards, Flyers, CD Covers, Physical Book Covers, Kindle Covers, Table Tents, Vehicle wraps, Signs, Logo...
  6. C

    My custom sports game covers

    I used to do a lot of custom covers for the popular sports video games, here are some the most recent ones I've done.... (Click pics for full size)
  7. B

    Photoshop gametitlebackgrounds

    Hello, I am new on this site and I am happy to be on this site because it looks interesting. Anyways I will be making game backgrounds because it looks cool and it's fun to do. So here's the first one. It's NES game covers. I will probably do Atari 2600 and Nintendo 64 next. Check by for more.
  8. Xeraa

    My latest Facebook cover designs :)

    heres some cool facebook covers i designed in photoshop
  9. B

    Questions about album covers

    Hi everyone, I posted my intro just now. Basically I made some great mixtapes and want to make great covers. Here are my questions: For this link: ...what form of ps art is this so I can create something in that style? And for...