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    Restoration Crest (Coat of Arms) Stamp for Wedding Invitation

    Dear Photoshop professionals, I´m my friends "best man" and he´s marrying in the next 6 months. My friend would love to have his family crest stamped on his wedding invitations but the company creating them needs a higher quality and higher resolution of the crest to create an embossing stamp...
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    Hello! I was wondering if someone could make the Alycia Debnam Carey photo included below black and white, then put the Slytherin crest over the top but slightly faded so you can still see Alycia in the background? Kind of like a watermark of sorts. I don't really mind where the Slytherin crest...
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    Could someone create a Digital Copy of Cricket Club crest? (Different Request)

    Hey y'all, Basically, I am creating a Website for a local Cricket Club. Planned out everything (how many web pages and the layouts of them). There's just one tiny problem. I have no digital copy of the club's crest to put on the Website. All I have is a photo of it. I was wondering if you...