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  1. C

    The Tiger

    This was done with my new Intuos, and wow so much better than my bamboo and my fingers retained their finger prints at last. I did do a short Video to this just showing some of the process, if you wanna take a look. Critiques welcomed :)
  2. IamSam


    This is a thread started after I made some comments on feedback and critiques in a recent thread......... This response was made after a long time period where I had noticed that there only seemed to be a handful of members that were offering (solicited)...
  3. S

    Audi A6 Hot Rod project

    Hi :-) It's been a while, but this time I tried to convert an Audi A6 Avant to a Hod Rod... This is the result I came up with :) Only don't know what background to use... Ideas and/or critiques are always welcome!
  4. E

    composite before and after

    For a friend's band promo pics. The name of the band is on the gun in the final image. Comments and critiques welcome. ++++++++++Before++++++++++ +++++++++After++++++++++
  5. Paul


    Latest offering critiques welcomed either way. :mrgreen:
  6. Paul

    Mr T

    Before: After: Critiques please.
  7. Paul

    Re - Branded.

    before: after: Critiques welcomed:)
  8. Eggy

    Day into night

    Hi everyone, I'm back. The past months I practiced a lot of techniques but didn't keep the projects. But this one I like and please let me know what you think about it and don't spare the critiques!
  9. D

    Ruins at night

    This is a composite of a pic I took with a planet and starfield I made. Critiques welcomed. What do you think/ how can I improve?
  10. DesignMyBox

    Please Review Client's Bicycle Website

    Hero Cycles is one of the largest manufacturers of bicycles in India. We have been asked to re-design the company website. But before we actually start the process, I request you fellow forum members to visit the site and tell me what you feel is wrong with the website. Please give your...