1. blasteralfred

    Refining a pictue

    Hi friends, I am attaching two pictures of same bird. In the first pic (bird1.jpg), the features I noticed are; Color of the beak Purplish tint on the wings Pleasant yellow color behind head Green colour of the leaf In the second pic (bird2.jpg), all the above mentioned features are...
  2. D


    Can anyone begin to quantify what makes the difference between these two sets of photos in terms of post (obviously the second grouping is being lit with a much bigger source). Thanks to the forum I learned that there is some matte effect going on with the tone curve in the latter pair, but it...
  3. P

    Illustrator Question about vector path

    Hi, I am still new to vectoring and I have a question. I have drawn a couple of vertical and horizon strips on the canvas. However, I am stuck as to how to do the end part of the strips where they meet at the circular path of the other strips. (I have circled this in red) Currently I just...
  4. H

    Hi from France

    Hi, An oldie but new to Photoshop and Lightroom. One a steep learning curve so I am learning a lot from this forum. Thanks
  5. S

    Simple question about Curve tool

    Hi there! I have one simply problem, i dont find solution to it. Today when i opened Photoshop and started using curve tool, my curve interface was gone little weird. My white point was lef and black point right, usually they are vice versa. I can work with that, but i really like take it back...
  6. K

    Probably simple!

    So, there are 2 computers where I am working, 1 has CC and 1 has CS4. On one of them when you 'Apple M' for curves and press Auto you get a nice smooth S shaped curve which is a good starting point to then adjust the (normally) two points on the single curve line over the histogram - fine! On...
  7. S

    Need some help with text paths

    Hi, I've been trying to modify text that follows a certain path, but I came across a problem. Below is a sample image of what I want: I drew a path (pen tool) and using the type tool i clicked on the path so as to have my text follow that path. But I want the text to read from the bottom up...
  8. MoltresRider

    Path will not curve not even with direct selection tool!

    I created a line using the pen tool, but no matter where I click on the line, it will only add an anchor point. Reddit mentioned that I need to use the direct selection tool by holding ctrl, except that will only move the line around the canvas, it will not curve the line by any means! I...
  9. J

    How to create "arcs"?

    Hi! I am new to Photoshopping, and I use Photoshop CC at school. I am not artist, so please keep answers simple :) Below is the "arc" colored red that I'd like to create. I don't want to draw it manually because there should be tools to make it for me, also I want it to be outlined only, so no...
  10. F

    Illustrator Keeping the curve

    Hello I want to get rid of 2015 and fill the ball with black. The problem is that it's not a circle but an ellipse. How can I keep the ideal curve? When I do it with the Pen Tool it's always uneven as you can see on the second picture. Thank you in advance.
  11. C

    Vectoring tool problem

    Hellothere guys I have a little issue with the vectoring pen tool, Im pretty new using this program nevertheless Im sure this little issue can be fixed, anyways my problem is this: When I start vectoring the first stroke seems to be pretty perfect nevertheless the second stoke makes some kind of...
  12. thelastlokean

    Hello, I'm new to photoshop!

    I've always steered clear of photoshop and digital imaging in general, but just recently got into it. I've owned CS6 for about 3 months, and I regret not taking the plunge earlier! I recently got into photo printing with inkjets and that is where it all began. I've managed to calibrate and...
  13. D

    Can't get photoshop to record a curve adjustment layer preset.

    I am trying to record an action on a colleague's machine that has a custom curve setting but cant seem to get it to stick as a playable action step. He has one of the new trashcans (Mac Pro) with a system version of 10.9.4 and photoshop version of 2014.2.2. I am able to do it on my machine by...
  14. E

    c and c , too much or good????

    been watching ben willmore tutorials , selective curve adjustments etc , wondering if ive gone to far or not?
  15. A

    How to copy the tonal range (histogram) from one b&w image to another?

    Hi there :) I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on this one; I've looked all over the web for a solution but havent been able to find one so far. What I basically want to do is to copy the tonal range/curve of one b&w image to another. I know there is a 'match colour' on PS that...
  16. C

    wrapping text around a curve

    I know how to wrap text around a curve but I am having trouble with one aspect of it, and i will try and make this as uncomplicated as I can. I have a circle, i have divided the circle in half with one half being the top half and the other the bottom half. I have two text fields i want to...
  17. S

    How to curve text within a paragraph text block that is a predefined shape.

    Does anyone know how to curve text within a shape, as paragraph text, not artistic text? (See my attached image.) I have drawn the shape, inserted the text as paragraph text, but the text always wants to sit in a straight line. I am so frustrated as I can't seem to find a workaround in either...