1. J

    How do i do this !

    Hi guys, first post here so sorry if it is in the incorrect place, im new to photoshop and im want to create a facebook cover similar to the one i have attached, i can add the picture to the canvas but how do you cut it in the curved format and add the 2 curved features to it. many thanks in...
  2. S

    Gurus how to make these curved arrows ?

    Gurus how to make these curved arrows and the glossy effect etc?? Any tutorial is really helpful to all of us who are new to photoshop.Thanks in advance gurus.
  3. M

    Curvy plastering

    I am creating a 3D model of a cottage and would like plastering with curved lines on the walls. I model in a 3D package and use PS only for the 2D texture. How would I approach making this texture in PS. I can start with a plaster texture but have no clear idea how to make the curved effects on...
  4. C

    Vectoring tool problem

    Hellothere guys I have a little issue with the vectoring pen tool, Im pretty new using this program nevertheless Im sure this little issue can be fixed, anyways my problem is this: When I start vectoring the first stroke seems to be pretty perfect nevertheless the second stoke makes some kind of...
  5. gautamz07

    creating curved squares

    Hey Guys , hows u all doing ? good afternoon from india :D I have a small difficulty with an image i came accross the web now if you look closely the squares that have text on them , they are not exactly flat , rather they are kind of curved on the edges , i tried adding a drop shadow and...
  6. H

    How can I make a curved line on this picture??

    Hello guys, I need your help because I am a total noob and I don't know how to draw this line on ps. As you can see the right one is my work and it should look like the left one. I need that curved line from the top to the bottom. How can I do that???
  7. M

    Help!… can't draw curved lines anymore

    Hello… I don't know what I have done, but when using the brush/pencil tool it now only draws straight lines (horizontal and vertical). If I try to draw a diagonal line, for example, it just comes out as a staircase. Any ideas? Thanks Mark