cut out

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    Specific Cut tiger's head out

    Could someone please photoshop the tiger's head out of the picture and make a png of it, preferably without losing pixel density and quality. Thanks
  2. C

    Picture cutting out strategy

    Hello, I found a lot of recipes regarding cutting out pictures, but I can't find basic principle of doing that. What kind of tools might be used? What are stages and strategies of doing that? Additionally I would like to ask how to cut out picture that is placed on white background on the...
  3. A

    cutting out people with hair out of backgrounds

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good technique or tutorial where you can cut people especially ladies with blowing hair out of complex backgrounds cleanly? Thanks
  4. E

    Help making light shine through a shape or design, like a cutout or stencil

    What I'm saying is basically you have a black background, and a shape is cutout of it and light is shining through. Like a jack-o-lantern, but that's not what I'm making. I've seen a tutorial with text but I'm doing a shape with much thicker lines than text. I'm not looking for any kind of...
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    Help with Magic Lasso/Lasso tool

    Hello, I am a Photoshop noob and am trying to learn things little by little, but something that's always eluded me is how to EASILY cut someone out from the background of a photo. I give up each time because either Photoshop cuts out too much background, or it is frustratingly difficult to...