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  1. J

    Greetings from Virginia

    Hello all! I'm so happy I found this forum through Google search! I don't use Photoshop but I did just add a thread looking for help in editing a save the date photo! You all are great! Thanks! Jessica
  2. J

    Save the date

    Can someone please help me by editing this photo and taking the rainbow lighting mark out of the photo. I know other edits are probably needed but this is the major concern. My friend want to use this for her save the date if it can be edited. Thank you soo much!!!
  3. S

    Opinion On Photo And Date Stamp Manipulation

    Hello. I am currently trying to prove some photos were manipulated, and a fake Date/Time Stamp was inserted into a series of Photos. Attached are some of the photos that were submitted with date stamps. By looking at these photos, you can clearly see the Date Stamps are not real, but I need...
  4. J

    Desktop problem

    My desktop icons will not open because the usual dropdown menu for opening them suddenly omits the word OPEN. This happened after I entered a date on the desktop with the Photoshop CS6 type tool. Could this have caused the problem? I have tried to delete the date but did not succeed. I have a...
  5. Demented Dave

    My brother passed need help with photo

    I would be very grateful if anyone can photoshop a photo of my brother who lost his battle with prostate cancer on 12/03/2016 The picture that I chose is my brother on a motorcycle, I would like the background removed, the picture quality is not that good + it's some of the lower part of bike...
  6. O

    Photoshop CS4 often "unresponsive"

    Often when I am opening PS it freezes up and is unresponsive. After about 30 seconds or so it becomes responsive again. Occasionally this happens in the middle of working on an open document as well. Photoshop hasn't crashed completely, but it is really a workflow killer. I have up to date...
  7. I

    Editing a gif in Photoshop

    Hello.i have a little problem. I tried to edit a gif in Photoshop,but in the final when I finish all the work,only the new text that I introduced it have an effect. The gif have some motion effects,and I don't know how to modify a date but still keep those motion effects. Can you give some...
  8. G

    heartfelt request

    My niece passed away she was a still born, we are exploring options for her tombstone by our friend to make in the real he is a very good mason, I would like a concept made off this. Elements I request The name on the stone be changed to scarlet fey Jackson If possible some real world roses...
  9. dv8_fx

    PSGURUS' Photoshop CHALLENGE Guidelines

    Welcome to the forum's Photoshop Contest Area. Our activities here are meant to be fun so we want everyone among you to take part in the creative competitions. The following are the guidelines for our Monthly Member Challenges: CHALLENGE 1. There will be 1 challenge per month. 2...
  10. MrToM

    Challenge 30: IF PSG RULED!

    As the voting thread for the last challenge is already closed I'll have to convey my thanks here first to all 3 of you who voted for me... Thank-you. I wasn't aware I'd won it to be honest...I had a cryptic message....anyway....onward! CHALLENGE 30: IF PSG RULED! Imagine if PSG...
  11. Y

    Need help making wedding monogram

    I want to make a wedding monogram to cut on my vinyl plotter for me and the wifes room. Only thing is I don't know how to curve the text. It's a surprise for our wedding Next week. Can anyone help? I need it to say Stephen And Amanda Lind with the date being August 1st 2015. Anyone help explain...
  12. L

    Hello lovely people! PCS6: StValentines - Batch Processing - Creating Calendar

    Hello everyone! I came upon this forum which seemed the best place to post a not trivial nor too tricky (I hope) question I had, which furthermore is quite urgent as you can guess from the tile. My name is Lionel, I am 21, I am excited about anything new, I dream of doing smth useful for the...
  13. Q

    Help with my Save the Date.

    Hello all! Got a question that I was hoping one of you PS gurus could help out with. My fiancee and I are recently engaged, and in an effort to save some cash, and produce a product that is our own, we are making our own Save the Date. Attached is an example I made, not the actual photo and...
  14. P

    video tutorials seem out of date for CS5

    Hello Ive been following a few tutorials online and noticed using CS5 some of the actions dont seem to work or might have changed. For example when it asks me to bring up the fill tool by pressing CTRL + Backspace nothing happens. Also when it asks me add a new adjustment layer and ill use...