1. S

    Photo of my 2 year old daughter

    Please help me. My wife took an amazing shot of my daughter with a crappy background. I would like to get a canvas photo made of this picture, but the background is blah. I tried and failed.Please help.
  2. H

    Photo of Daughter

    I am not skilled in photoshop and love this pic of my daughter and her cousins. However, I would like a version with just my daughter in the shot. She is the one in the center in green. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. D

    Need photoshop of my 1 year old daughter.....very thankful

    Hi everyone, I am new here and thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Have a pic of my daughter I want made into a meme with the words... "Day after leg day" on the top of the pic and then the words "Do not disturb" on the bottom. Want to have it made and then put it on my...
  4. D

    Make my daughter smile please

    Recently we had a family photoshooting but we were unable to make my daughter smile on any group photo. It would be very nice if you could somehow copy the smile from IMG6065 in her face in IMG6030. If you need more pictures from the photoshoot from which you might be able to get a better...
  5. X

    Swap person in photo

    Hi, Photo AA shows my eldest daughter sitting on top of a statue. Photos BB (1 to 4) show my youngest daughter in a similar pose sitting on top of a wall. Using the most appropriate one swap my youngest daughter with my eldest one. Much appreciated if anyone can help.
  6. Markie Jordan-Madden

    First Before and After

    This is my first before and after. This is my youngest daughter a couple of years ago. This is the after picture.
  7. Paul

    My Daughter

    This is one of my kids, she had a photo makeover from the hairdressers she uses (promotional thing) the studio image is on the right - the first is my attempted shop. Critique more than welcome (don't tell my daughter i uploaded a picture of her):mrgreen:
  8. Paul

    My Daughter

    My eldest daughter did a photo shoot as part of a prize she won at her place of work, i attempted to make it more in my style, hope you like it?