1. T

    JPEG Options: Setting Baseline ("Standard") as default

    Hello, everytime I save a JPG the JPEG OPTIONS-box sets the Format Options to Baseline Optimized as default but I want this to be Baseline Standard. How can I set "Baseline Standard" as a default?
  2. T

    Resolution defaults in Adobe Camera Raw

    I'm using PS CS5. When I open image files via ACR, PS defaults the resolution to 240DPI. Is there a way to change this to default to 300DPI? I know about resolution and size but this has recently caused an issue with a client's picture. I sent my client a finished PSD at 240DPI, and, not...
  3. S

    Brush Preset Tool won't let me change my brush?

    Hi guys, I've got a list of brushes in my brush preset tool (the Kyle Webster brushes) I've selected the brush tool, opened the tool preset, clicked on the brush I want to use, and it won't change. It highlights that brush, as though it is selected, then when I draw with it, it's still the...
  4. K

    Is there a "soft oil pastel" default brush in photoshop cs6?

    I like an artist who uses a brush which I simply cannot find. They said they use the "soft oil pastel" and that it's a default brush in cs6.I can only find the "oil pastel" which is number 63. not sure if i posted in the right place, would appreciate any help please!!!!! D:
  5. MrToM

    Is It Just Me? #4 CC 2015.1 Shape Default Stroke...'s the deal: Clicking HELP > Whats New... in CC 2015.1 opens an Adobe web page telling you all about the wonderful new stuff in the latest update. Second from bottom in the Nov 2015 'List' of 'What's new and changed' is 'Other Enhancements'...clicking this jumps to a table...
  6. Lannabulls

    Camera Raw 8.8 (how to read color values in LAB)

    Hi, while I was watching tutorials I noticed that, since Camera raw 7 color values can be read in rgb default as well in lab, how to change the setting from default rgb to lab? For windows users and Camera Raw 8.8, a friend of mine told me to clik (mouse right) on the histogram pannel while...
  7. A

    Editing the default new document size presets

    Hey, I would like to know where the custom document size presets (that you create and save in the new document window) are stored, and how you can edit them directly in the file? I've been breaking my head on this, and I can't seem to find a solution anywhere. This apparently used to be done...
  8. H

    How to set default printing to black/grey instead of color?

    I'm very technology-challenged and I need help! I tried to google the answer, to no avail. I work at a tattoo shop and every time the artists try to print from photoshop, it automatically goes to color. We want the default to be black/grey. Any help??? I really appreciate it!
  9. R

    Color Theme of Photoshop Work Area

    In CS6 (and possibly newer versions), the default color theme for the workspace background is dark gray, whereas in CS5 the default theme is a much lighter gray. Which is better? Perception of color, brightness, saturation, etc. can be subconsciously influenced by the background color, so for...
  10. gautamz07

    Any guess on what font this is ?

    any guess on what font this is ? the "S" specially i don't see in any default font in PS .
  11. A

    Adjustment Layers - Default Blend Mode

    Hi, I'm using CS6 and wondered of there was a way to change the default blend mode of an adjustment layer? For example, if you use the Curves adjustment, as well as increassing contrast it also increase saturation. I like to use the "Luminosity" blend mode so that I get the contrast without...
  12. D

    What ta do when CS5 goes wacky?

    Hi everyone, I've been using CS5 for some time and have never experienced this. My pop up color picker window has changed. (Don't know how) But it has a different colored rainbow kind of look... Can anyone tell me how to get it back to the original default setting. Also the color chips will not...
  13. Hoogle

    set 64 bit version to default

    Ok So the other day I had to install photoshop 32 bit version for a certain plugin but since that has been installed everytime i open a psd or right click to open with photoshop, even if opening through Bridge it is opening by default the 32 bit version. I have tried to set the default program...
  14. S

    Changing the colour of a default smoke brush

    Hi All, Im new to this forum, and i have recently downloaded so really cool Smoke brush effects but everytime i come to use them it only gives me a default colour of Gray :( Can someone tell me how i can change the colour of the brushes.... Again sorry for something so simple to the experts...