Changing the colour of a default smoke brush


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Hi All,

Im new to this forum, and i have recently downloaded so really cool Smoke brush effects but everytime i come to use them it only gives me a default colour of Gray :(

Can someone tell me how i can change the colour of the brushes....

Again sorry for something so simple to the experts :(

Thanks :)
you should be able to just click any colour I use smoke brushes all the time no problem
check your image settings is not set to grey scale
image>mode>RGB colour hopefully


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Now iv only been using photoshop for about two weeks but i get the feeling im going to learn alot from this forum especially if everyone on this forum is like you Hoogleman!! Thanks again!
I dont think we have failed answering any questions yet and I know if I personally dont know something I will keep trying until I do know it to pass it on I like a challenge


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Sounds good :) reason i asked about how to change the colour of smoke effects and anything else really, is because im creating a website and i want the smoke effect to come in from one side, but again its just trying to find that ideal brush to make what i think a reality.


Is there a way of change how a brush looks, for example change the way the smoke is going without changing the hole brush if that makes sense?
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if you go to windows>brush you will see a contral panel come up that lets you edit the brush directio rotation flip horizontal/ vertical etc 1 brush can have a 1000 different outcomes you can also change different lengths from if you click and drag a brush to have it repeat the brush 1 time per inch or 1000 times
yeah sure its like blending options, you can change value's at brush presets


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The brush i put a picture up of would have been ideal, but at the end of the brush it has a square finish...if that makes sense it doesnt gradually fade out is there a way i can change this?

if you can see this, just select the option that you want to edit (with those green vinks at the left) and the value's are then visible


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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Thats was amazing!!!!!!! im gunna go try it, when i have finished my site ill post you the link so i can get a bit of feed back :D