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  1. S

    Specific Remove reflection

    Anyone able to remove the green license plate randomly floating in the air next to me? 🤞🏽🤞🏽
  2. W

    Specific Can you please match the skin tone?

    Hey, if you could please match the skin tone of the girl, with the boy's skin tone. And if you could please do some extra details to make the faces more realistic. eg. shadows, lightings etc.
  3. W

    How does this photographer achieve these colours and edits?

    Hello, I have been trying to figure out how my favourite photographer achieves her edits.. I really can't figure it out. I've posted this question on multiple forums and the most common response I get is 'Filters and selective colour edits'. It's not as simple as that If you really look at her...
  4. V

    Paint Bucket Not Working With Monograph

    Hi there, I am having trouble getting the paint bucket tool to work with a negative of a black and white photo. There is no colours with this layer, both the foreground and background colours appear white/grey or black. Even when I choose a new colour, it does not appear in the...
  5. S

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you!

    Hello everyone, glad to be here :) I'm an industrial/3D designer, turned to graphics due to lack of 3D/industrial design jobs in my area (just being honest :)). So I'm working as a graphic designer and most of my tasks are easy and straightforward- mock-ups, colour changing, easy print and...
  6. I

    Colour change on car

    Hi, just wondering if someone can please change the colour of the blue car to the BMW Pyrite Brown (second photo)? thanks!
  7. S

    Colour change

    Hey guys, please could you edit a photo for me. The photo was taken after the gentleman had whitened his lower 6 front teeth. He then went on to get several crowns to match the new shade and I have final photos of that. But I don't have a photo of him before the whitening to compare them...
  8. P

    create faded colour overlay?

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm trying to create a colour overlay exactly like the attached image using photoshop How do i do this? Many thanks in advance!
  9. N

    Lost detail in over saturated colours lit by neon LEDs

    I'm not sure if this is a problem with the camera sensor or my screen not being able to register such strong colours but when something is lit by such extreme coloured light I seem to lose detail in it even when it is not over exposed. They also seem to get some weird colour artifacts going...
  10. MariaT

    Remove person and change bikini colour

    Hi If possible can the following changes please be made: Girl on Right: Bikini colour changed to pink Rest of picture: remove other girl! Sea made more 'blue' and background brightened up more (less dull than it looks)...
  11. N

    Best way to clean up this dirty awning?

    Am retouching this restaurant exterior but the yellow part of the awning where it says singapore cuisine is absolutely filthy. I've already added a bit of colour and brightness to it which helped, but is there any way to make it look better without spending ages dodging, burning and cloning?
  12. U

    Difficult one - Vector profile pic

    Hi, Not sure how difficult this is but can someone change my picture into a vector type profile? Kinda like this: Ideally i'd like no mouth, eyes or nose on the pic. Just a head, shoulders (with a plain t-shirt - that i could fill in with my chosen colour) Hair and eyebrows, i'd also like...
  13. A

    Photoshop background and change colour of clip art + invitation help

    Hi all! Could someone please photoshop the background and text out of the attached clipart and also change it to the blue colour that it is in the invitation picture? If you could please also let me know the colour model and pigment amounts used that would be fantastic. I am trying to create...
  14. Z

    Sofas: A + B = C

    Before: Bit of context; I'm creating a catalogue for a company that wholesales sofas. The corner unit above is coming into stock in the grey fabric of the recliner (3 shots below it). It won't be here for weeks, but we want to get the catalogue out quickly, so I decided rather than wait to...
  15. U

    How to color highlights?

    Hey photoshop wizards, Do you have any idea how can I colour highlights in images like these examples:
  16. F

    Adding false color to grey-scale x-ray images - help!

    I've my dissertation next year, and would like to investigate the use of airport style x-ray images in radiological x ray images. The airport style images colourise pixels of a greyscale image based on their darkness (ie. black-->green, grey---->orange, light----->blue). This mean I need some...
  17. M

    Photoshop House Exterior Colours

    Hi there, was just wondering if someone could please help modify/photoshop some changes to the front of the house. Things: - Colour garage roller door to match same colour as roof - Colour driveway to match roof - Colour window frames to match roof - Bring the bricks to life (as in try to...
  18. M

    Wedding Cake - Change Colour from Purple to Peach

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to provide a picture to my local bake shop to specify the type and colour of the wedding cake I want. I've founded the style of the cake that I want but the colour is not what I want. I want this style cake but in peach colour (like the one below). Can someone please...
  19. H

    Please help me choose the colour of my bike...

    Can someone help me choose a colour for my bike? Could you please change the colour of the plastic (Front mudgard, tank and rear tail) To one of the following two colours. Candy apple green Stelth Grey Also if you could change the lower fork legs to the same colour as the engine...
  20. B

    Even out light & dark colours with Photoshop/Lightroom

    Hi all, I've recently started using Photoshop and Lightroom for editing my food photography but still have issues with colour correction. I often have to edit pictures where objects (like the cookies below) have fairly light and quite dark colours, but I want the overall colour to be even. For...