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Paint Bucket Not Working With Monograph


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Hi there,
I am having trouble getting the paint bucket tool to work with a negative of a black and white photo. There is no colours with this layer, both the foreground and background colours appear white/grey or black. Even when I choose a new colour, it does not appear in the colour boxes or allow me to colour white section.

I have reset the settings to default.

Fiddled around with windows-workspace-painting/photgraphy but nothing seems to be working.

I am working with photoshop CS6.

I appreciate any ideas.

Thank you.


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Hello and welcome.

You're probably in Greyscale mode. Change the mode to RGB color. Go to IMAGE > MODE > RGB Color


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You are amazing!

Thank you so much for that, and thanks for the quick reply. I thought I'd be waiting for ever.

Problem solved, just like that!

Cheers :)