black and white

  1. V

    Paint Bucket Not Working With Monograph

    Hi there, I am having trouble getting the paint bucket tool to work with a negative of a black and white photo. There is no colours with this layer, both the foreground and background colours appear white/grey or black. Even when I choose a new colour, it does not appear in the...
  2. H

    Lens distortion corrections (Was: New photographer in town!)

    I am a Norwegian photography artist which have been using photoshop a lot for the past 9 years. I have quite good skills and have developed artistic expressions which haven´t been used much before, since it demands a lot from photoshop. The reason I joined this Forum is because I always think...
  3. revnart

    Colouring Black & White photo

    Hi, I've searched but didn't find any info here about this :) I've found an online algorithm that will automatically colour your black and white photos, it's not perfect but its nice fun :) example: btw: it's "Coloring" or "Colouring"? :)
  4. E

    How do I paste a color picture into a grayscaled layer?

    I started with a snake skin pattern that had different shades of brown and turned it into black and white by using Image>Mode>Grayscale. It was perfect but now I can't introduce a golden frame and paste it into a layer without it turning silver (surely an effect of the grayscale). When I try...
  5. A

    How to obtain this very clean stencil effect?

    Hello everyone! Well...honestly I'm not sure that the right name for this effect is "stencil", but I do not know how to define it Anyhow, for days, I tried to get an effect similar to this one attached, starting from a photo. Unfortunately, I only got very poor and coarse results. Rubbish, in...
  6. gautamz07

    Black & White

    Hey guys , today one client wanted a simple handout , , something like a flyer i guess ,it was going to be printed in Black and White ... errr actually blue . more text oriented and very less design . i just used some shapes and tried getting things aligned . heres the final product . Nothing...
  7. P

    The best editing choices for Monochrome long exposures

    Hey guys, I've been playing with long exposure photography and I'd like to make some black and white, I can easily change the photos into black and white and change the brightness/contrast. I was just wondering if there where any other aspects I could change to make the photo look the best it...
  8. G

    3 Ways to Make Photos Black and White

    Wait, there are 3 ways?! Would love to hear how everybody else makes their photos black and white.
  9. I

    in greyscale, color picker sees grey as CMYK instead of % of black

    I am working on a greyscale document that uses specific shades of grey. For example, shades of grey composed of 10%, 20% or 30% screens of black. I create these shades of grey using percentages of black (in the color picker) and my document’s mode is set at “greyscale.” But then, when I...
  10. Cindy Grundsten


    This is something new. I love animals and its so fun to create animal arts. I have done some other in colors, both dogs and cats. But this one without colors is a new way to work for me. I hope you like! :lol: Stock I have used: The cat Wall Floor Rat Stock provider for the hat I can...
  11. K

    SNL photo bumper help.

    Does anyone know how to recreate this effect? I know it starts with coloring a Black and White photo, but after that im lost :sad:
  12. gohan2091

    My First Attempt At Colouring

    I made my first attempt at colouring in a black and white image in Photoshop and was wondering if people here can give me opinions? How realistic does it look coloured? Is the skin tone accurate? Can you suggest improvements? Thanks all!