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How to obtain this very clean stencil effect?


New Member
Hello everyone!
Well...honestly I'm not sure that the right name for this effect is "stencil", but I do not know how to define it
Anyhow, for days, I tried to get an effect similar to this one attached, starting from a photo. Unfortunately, I only got very poor and coarse results. Rubbish, in other words.
I really can not reach that level of sharpness of the examples shown below.

Any help / tutorial / info/ would be really appreciated!
digital-illustration.jpg digital-illustration2.jpg
Hi there and welcome to PSG.

There are times that not every drawing you see was created or can be 100% done in PS. From what I see, these could have been manually drawn and cleaned in a edit application like PS or created/traced in a vector application like Illustrator or Corel Draw hence a - vector clipart - which is what it is.

You can reproduce these in PS tho it will not have the scalable crispness and clarity that a vector clipart or SVG has.

Use the Pen tool to trace the subject's prominent features, add solid shadows or hilights and add definition lines to shape like arms or cheeks.

You can first isolate the subject on a new layer over a white background. To make the trace easier, apply a threshold adjustment to the image. In some cases the adjustment may be just enough to get what you want, but you may need to add a more cartoony, line drawing look to it. This is where the pen tool is used to define the subject more. And erase gradient shading and other imperfections to get a solid drawing look.

I've never seen a PS tutorial of this specific sort in the net. But I know Corel Draw has. Make a search for a specific tute - How to create vector clipart from photo in Corel Draw (or something to this effect) - and adapt the teachings into Photoshop scenario.......

Hope this helps you with some idea on what to do.......
Suddenly struck me.... (I don't use it much) if you use Adobe Illustrator - a vector apps, there are tutorials out there on how to accurately achieve the "effect" you want. But still, you have to use the pen tool in order to achieve this.