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  1. S

    How it is done, or how it is called?

    Hello, I visited Greece some time ago. On the streets where souvenirs are sold, photos that are transformed in an interesting style were also sold. I did not buy them on the spot and told my wife that I will make it myself from our photos, but now I cannot understand how to do it :) . Maybe if...
  2. M

    need help replacing words on this photo, for an invitation

    Hello, I would like to change the words located at the top of the attached picture from "MELVINS" to "MAEVENS" I hope the image is good enough, i really appreciate the help : )
  3. D

    Need photoshop of my 1 year old daughter.....very thankful

    Hi everyone, I am new here and thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Have a pic of my daughter I want made into a meme with the words... "Day after leg day" on the top of the pic and then the words "Do not disturb" on the bottom. Want to have it made and then put it on my...
  4. S

    Looking for help writing in photoshop

    Hello, I'm trying to make a list of rules for my Twitch chat. I'm using the type tool, dragging it the full length that I want the text to appear and then I copy and paste the text I want. That is where I run into trouble. After the first line, the second is much further down and then the next...
  5. M

    Words removed from this image (simple)

    Hello! I know how to remove the words from the sky, yet lack access to photoshop on my personal computer. Hoping someone could quickly do this for me, it's quite urgent. I need the words "Aesteria" and "PVP" removing. And if it could be cropped to remove the hazy edges, that would certainly be...
  6. D

    MLG hardcore

    Hello, i would like someone try to MLG this logo. I would still like to see the tree and "somersby" title other is your imagination (color change is possibility too). I would like to see even if u just tryed maby it will be good for me. Sorry for misspeled words. I do not know how to attach...
  7. F

    Fantastic Beasts Logo

    Hi! I’m currently looking for some help with the „Fantastic Beasts“ title. I’d like to photoshop this so it says „Fantastic Breasts“ instead, whereas the rest of the logo stays the same. Would be nice if you could also make sure that the words are still centered you inserted the „R". I’d like...
  8. T

    Logo Edit!

    Hi i need to use this logo for paperwork. I need all of the words & number removed, and the logo solid black. Please and thanks!
  9. C

    Replace the skull with a kickball

    Can someone please replace the skull with a kickball and remove the text so its just the wizard? I've provided pictures of kickball samples.. you can use those or your own version. please help! Trying to make custom koozies for my kickball team!
  10. C

    How do I cut text from a video clip?

    I've converted the video clip into frame layers in Photoshop CS6 but I want to have the clip playing in the background within the text. In other words, I want everything around the text to not show so only the video is playing within the confines of the text.
  11. N

    Help with text - acting up and doing crazy things

    Hi, for some reason my photoshop text is acting up like crazy! When I type, after the first few words it JUMPS to the far right and puts the weirdest spacing in between all my words....I have never seen this before, it literally "jumps" left and right for no reason while Im typing and even when...
  12. PegoMan

    Isolating and copying Text Letters

    I have a very old (circa 1880/1890) photo of my Great Grandfather's General Merchandise store. I'm trying to restore it as well as possible. I've been able to brighten it up and remove some noise using Camera Raw and some adjustment layers, but I can't figure out how to isolate and copy the...
  13. H

    Prove to me that you are Photoshop Guru's

    I think I came to the right place So, I have this picture This picture...Contains many gems. As you can see, behind the cross text of Rihanna and Kanye, there are words showing from the piece of paper behind it. A lot of letters are legible, but the full word is hard to make out. I...
  14. L

    Text within a number

    Am NOT sure whats the correct term for this design but am trying to create this for my friends 30th birthday and of course i would like to change some of the words.. Can someone please point me to the correct tutorial pleaseeeeeeeee. ..
  15. D

    Recreating a 3D font...

    Hey PG, long time no see! I have a bit of a specific question here; I have a piece of source material and I need to replace one of the words in the image with a different word, but emulating the same font/coloration/lighting etc. As a noob, I haven't attempted anything like this yet, and I was...
  16. A

    How to obtain this very clean stencil effect?

    Hello everyone! Well...honestly I'm not sure that the right name for this effect is "stencil", but I do not know how to define it Anyhow, for days, I tried to get an effect similar to this one attached, starting from a photo. Unfortunately, I only got very poor and coarse results. Rubbish, in...
  17. Paul

    Rotating words

    How could i rotate/animate my name in a font i like please, i only have cs2, none of the gizmos you gurus have - we are not all rothschilds son/daughter you no:)