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  1. A

    Specific Vector art/potrait

    Can anyone turn this image into vector art/potrait ?
  2. C

    Specific Recreate this shape

    Could someone recreate this round shape in HD? Thank you!
  3. C

    Specific Change colours from blue to red

    I need the blue string in a bit darker red like the one in the second pic. Must be a png too btw! Thank you!
  4. jkemp

    Sleepy fish in the depth of the ocean - Digital illustration

    While I mostly do creative retouching for a living, I've found myself very interested in illustration work lately... I realize this forum focuses more on the photographic side of PS, but I'm curious to hear what you guys have to say about stuff like this... 100% photoshop, of course. What do...
  5. hazelhealy01

    Specific Foreground item removal - man sitting down - JPG illustration

    Good afternoon, I have been struggling to remove the man sitting down in the centre foreground. I have no problem with legs but the upper half has been proving extremely difficult. Grateful for some help with this. Thanks very much! Hazel
  6. P

    Art in Illustrator (Warped Vortex)

    Check out my illustration video! Love to hear feedback!
  7. L

    Overlap/Superposition: color change

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows how it works as it does in the image below, when two colors overlap, they change into a different one (specifically one in the color palet used by this artist, @kid_woof on insta). Thanks!
  8. J

    Vintage Movie Poster Style Technique?

    Hi guys, How does one create the painted/airbrushed/illustrated look in the old vintage movie posters like Casablanca, Dracula, etc? I've seen some tutorials but they don't look entirely authentic and look too Photoshop plugin-y. Examples here: Any help or guidance greatly...
  9. D

    Illustrator Advance use of Effect Tools and Blend Tool in Illustrator

    Please give your reviews about this tutorial video. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.
  10. D

    Illustrator Illustrator Tutorial | Batman Logo Design with narration Learn how to create this Creative Batman Logo Design by following this video. I hope this video helps you a lot and you will love this video. You can follow this link for more upcoming and recent videos like this video.
  11. C

    Ice-cream Illustration

    Hey fello gurus.. Not posted in a while, been busy with life in general but I will like to share my ice-cream illustration I recently made. I used Ai CS6 for this and as always, used grid and circular construction to create this piece. Let me know what you think...
  12. R

    Illustration mockups

    Hello Guys I am trying to make a illustration de bossing effect, I have managed to do the effect with three layers and grouped them. I would like the top most layer the spot where i change my logo without effecting the effects in the group below and i do not know how to do that. So in other...
  13. B

    Resizing an image

    Hello I am trying to get this illustration to fit a 6 inch wide by 4 inch high (300 resolution) frame, but the illustration is square. When I try to resize it, it looks tiny. I did ask here on the Photoshop Newbies board something very similar a couple of weeks ago - again with an Alice theme...
  14. V

    Create Organic Lettering Using Photo Manipulation

    After experimenting with typographic illustrations, and finding myself still in the mood for something similar, I figured it was a good time to create an illustration based on lettering. With typography, you rely on a typeface that dictates the style of the illustration you want to make. The...
  15. J

    Hello;) Advice / Direction required to help 'lift' a 'flat' illustration quickly

    Hello all, I am new to this group. I've had an illustration produced for a client. It was rather complex so decision was made to make it tonally very similar. All well and good, however client has shared it with his customers and the comment came back that it was a bit flat. Client said change...
  16. O

    Illustrator Unable to move object to background

    Hello all, My issue: I have an illustration of a wrist watch. I created a black object to use as drop shadow. I right click on black object > arrange > send to back......but it does not go behind the illustration! How can I move it behind the illustration? I am stuck. Thank you in...
  17. I

    Removing black from full color leaves black line

    See attached image for reference. I'm trying to remove the black from a full color smart object illustration so then I can have another layer which has just black part so I can offset it and have its own texture to it. I need this to be non-destructive so that it can be used with any...
  18. C

    Hi from the Pacific NW

    Hi All ! Finally upgraded to Photoshop CS6 and loving it! (used cs3 for a long time) . I've been a working artist for a lot f years.......airbrush artist for over 30yrs (some illustration and around 16yrs doing custom murals on motorcycles) and design/screeprinting shirts, etc since 2008...
  19. A

    How to obtain this very clean stencil effect?

    Hello everyone! Well...honestly I'm not sure that the right name for this effect is "stencil", but I do not know how to define it Anyhow, for days, I tried to get an effect similar to this one attached, starting from a photo. Unfortunately, I only got very poor and coarse results. Rubbish, in...
  20. J

    Old skool illustration

    Hey guys, another question to put out there. Been in graphic design for a couple of years but never had that much of an educated background in the field so I often have questions concerning techniques / methods. I was wondering if you guys could give me a bit of an idea as to how this sort of...