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Illustrator Unable to move object to background


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Hello all,

My issue:
I have an illustration of a wrist watch. I created a black object to use as drop shadow.

I right click on black object > arrange > send to back......but it does not go behind the illustration!

How can I move it behind the illustration? I am stuck.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Hello oracle1984 and welcome to PSG.

Is the wristwatch isolated and on it's own transparent layer?

@thebestcpu - This posting is within the Illustrator forum. Just though I should offer a small reminder.
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Hi Nick
If your illustration is on a background Layer you need to turn it into a regular layer (get rid of the background lock on the Layers panel for that Layer. Nothing can be put below the background Layer.

This help link talks about this very topic: http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/moving-stacking-locking-layers.html

Not sure this is your issue yet it was my best guess. Hope it helps.


John..... We're in the Illustrator Forum.....


Here's a few tutorials how to move objects and layers in AI ...