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  1. K

    How to create "interactive" slider

    Hello everyone, I've tried to look for some tutorial on how to create an interactive slider similar to the attached image but I couldn't find anything at all. Do you know how it was done? As you can see from the image , once you hold and move the button on the left slider to different...
  2. G

    New in Photoshop.

    Hi , I am new in photoshop.Prior I have no experience in photoshop software.My goal is to edit photo changing the background, color and light effort etc etc.Anyone may guide me that for a beginner which version may I install and then move ahead for advanced expertise. 2-Video lectures...
  3. T

    Polygonal Lasso Failure

    I use the polygonal lasso for most of my selections. Lately it has been other words, I am clicking, extending the line, when all of a sudden, the line becomes inactive...the cursor isn't connected to the selection line and it floats free as I move it around. I have tried restarting...
  4. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Photoshop Layers Not Working Properly!

    I have a weird situation. A Windows 10 Update fiasco somehow wiped Windows from my laptop. After many hours on tech chat, I finally got windows installed again, which means I lost ALL my files on my C drive, including several PSD's I was working on. Re-downloaded Photoshop today, but the layers...
  5. D

    Can someone move my headshot and place it in front of this background?

    Hello, First time poster. Long time admirer of the forum. I'm hoping someone can move my body and place it in front of a chalkboard background, like as seen here: (** Note: I'm not wanting a face-swap. I'd just like to be placed on top of a background like the one in the pic linked.) My...
  6. dv8_fx

    Regarding our Senior Administrator. ...

    There had been questions raised and concern among members regarding the whereabouts of Steve , our Senior Administrator. It is with deep regret to inform everyone in the forum that he has stepped down from his position due to personal reasons. He gave notice of his resignation last February...
  7. F

    Marquee selection confusion

    Hello all. I am pretty new to photoshop and I am learning the program. Tonight I am using the rectangular marquee selection tool. In the training (I am following along in photoshop) the instruction is drawing a rectangle over his selection area, and holding spacebar to move the selection...
  8. X

    Photo template that allows oversized images without overlap

    I need to make a template that allows multiple image that will stay within it's own boundary but doesn't require that I crop each image. As I want to be able to move the image around within it's invisible border. I should make an example image. But imagine 4 images 2x2, and that you don't want...
  9. E

    Frame animation question!

    I'm not quite sure how to word this, but I'll try my best. I have been using frame animation to make gifs, but I was wondering if there was any way that I can move something throughout all frames rather than having to move them one by one every frame. I usually have a gif in the background and...
  10. Paul

    Challenge 35 - CREATE A DROID

    Firstly... a big thanks to Chris for the last challenge and all who entered and voted or just popped in for a look see. For this challenge you will need your Futuristic heads on what with the new Star Wars episode being released and doing the movie theatres at the moment, i thought it would...
  11. Z

    Adobe Photoshop scan a document as text , how to make duplicate for a selected object

    Dear Experts I am adobe photoshop beginner , I scanned a document from a scanner by using adobe Photoshop CS2 v.90 via option "Import" I used for choice (text) for the scanning because there are other two choices (photo, web) Now when I tried to modify name, date, price ,,,,etc by...
  12. Coffee_Girl

    Dumb Question: How do I move my patterns over to a new computer?

    I've been trying to google this but all that came up were guides on how to move "presets"? I'm not sure if this was the same thing, and the strategies seemed very difficult and beyond my understanding. Is there an easier pain-free method of moving presets over?
  13. IamSam

    Propososed changes to challenges.

    Here are the proposed changes to the challenges. Please post your comments pro or con on the changes or any suggestions you might have. Our hope is that you, the members, may see issues that we don't. 1. One entry per member. Do your best work on one image. 2. Entries are hidden until the...
  14. pslane

    Illustrator move arrows

    I just cranked up my old copy of Illustrator and started brushing up. When I click the arrow key to move, it moves too far. How can I adjust this? Thanks, pslane
  15. B

    Moving an 'object' in an image?

    Hello I am considering using CSS to overlay an image with some short but large text to the right of the crow in this image, but first I would need to move the crow to the left (about 2-3" from the left of the image). Would I achieve that using cropping? Thanks.
  16. S

    Content Aware Move Tool

    I was using the Content Aware Move Tool while following alongon a video, both I and tutorial where using PS CC. I noticed in the tool barfor the Content Aware Move Tool the tutorial had the “Adaptation” setting thatI did not have on my screen. It is the setting with the drop down box that has...
  17. M

    3d Render

    Hi, i just started to learn Photoshop, i would like to know how to fix my 3D object render quality when i work on it, the quality is ok when i move it around with the mouse, but as soon i release the mouse, quality is ugly,like these 2 picture the first one is when i move the mouse, the...
  18. K

    Purge cache in Bridge and PS

    Just what happens when the cache is purged? I have several projects unfinished and might need to move around elements that are "hiding" in the canvas. Will a purge remove these???
  19. hershy314

    New Place

    After a few years of being gone from home I'm finally getting the chance to move back. This is something I've waited on for a long time and this May or maybe even early as April I'll be home for good. This is a great opportunity since there are a ton of jobs (and yes tons of people as well)...
  20. J

    Locking all panels in Photoshop when showing on a secondry monitor

    Hello friends Is there a way in Photoshop to lock and move all panels as one unit to an external monitor, including the options and the tools? For now I have to move them one by one. thanks Jonathan