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New in Photoshop.


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Hi ,
I am new in photoshop.Prior I have no experience in photoshop software.My goal is to edit photo changing the background, color and light effort etc etc.Anyone may guide me that for a beginner which version may I install and then move ahead for advanced expertise.

2-Video lectures of Photoshop if someone suggests for a new person in this field.
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Thanks "gedstar" for your prompt reply.Appreciate for guiding me. Well, one thing more I want to add that for Logo design Creative Cloud can also be used?
+1 to gedstars suggestion for using illustrator for logo design. However be aware that Illustrator isn't part of the photography plan. You will either have to have a complete subscription to the creative cloud or add Illustrator as an individual program.

I don't know your situation - but I would point out that there are some very good plans for people registered as students, if that includes you it would be worth investigating.


Once again Thanks wink.gif"gedstar" for your valuable support. "fredfish" thanks also for your comments. Well both are separate software . My 1st focus will be on Creative Cloud.

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I am not sure that you completely understand - The Creative Cloud is the means by which you gain access to the Adobe packages such as Photoshop and Illustrator. The Creative Cloud software is and will stay free but unless you add either Photoshop or Illustrator (or both) you wont be able to draw anything.

My apologies if you already understood this.


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