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  1. B

    Specific Edit black tights onto legs?

    Hi everyone, was hoping someone would be kind enough to edit this for me. I had tights on in this photo but because of the flash it looks like I don’t have any on. Is anyone able to edit black tights onto my legs? I would still want some sheerness to it (not block black) so it looks natural...
  2. B

    First Animation Attempt In Over A Decade, Need Some Advice Please

    So I'm working on animation for a game idea I'm working on for my game dev portfolio. The game takes place in a notebook so the sprites are all meant to look like basic doodles and sketches. One of them is a basic stickman, and I've been attempting to work out a run cycle for him. The only...
  3. M

    Specific Beginner, needs color change

    Hi i have a png (water) now blue. I want you to change the blue to, purple water, yellow water, white water(light gray) BR Robert
  4. H

    I am new. I am inexperienced. I need help with something.

    Hi, I recently got Photoshop 2020. I am a total beginner. I am trying to do the following: I have a logo I am using for my brand. The logo is a PNG file. It has a hollowed centre. I put it over the top of an image I like and what I am trying to do is cut out the logo image while keeping the...
  5. W

    Specific Watch dial

    I need to switch the colors on the dial. I need a black watch face (instead of the khaki one shown) and I need khaki numbers (instead of the black ones shown).
  6. M


    Hey everyone! I am really new to photoshop and have this photo I want to see if it’s possible to have the bar taken out of the middle of the photo. What would you need to fix this and is anyone willing to help? Thank you in advance!!
  7. W

    Photoshop isnt working as it should and not sure what to do.

    Hi there, I'm a web designer and I recently got photoshop so that I could enhance and re-create images of my own instead of using other ones on google images. I was trying to change the color of some icons for my resume website. I managed to change one then whenever I did it with the other icons...
  8. G

    3D Blender For Beginners - Your First Steps

    This is an easy step-by-step Beginners Series that was requested by some of my subscribers on Youtube. The 1st Part I'll explain the basics of the Interface, Navigation, Selecting and Viewing! I hope it helps someone around here, enjoy!
  9. G

    New in Photoshop.

    Hi , I am new in photoshop.Prior I have no experience in photoshop software.My goal is to edit photo changing the background, color and light effort etc etc.Anyone may guide me that for a beginner which version may I install and then move ahead for advanced expertise. 2-Video lectures...
  10. R

    Introducing myself

    Just posting since I got a warning about 0-post members. I'm a beginner and it's good to join everyone. Many thanks to samiam for his help.
  11. G

    Learn The Basics of Photoshop With This Tutorials. Beginner Level.

    Hi everyone, I'm new around here, and I'm willing to help anyone who needs beginner, intermediate and advanced tips and tricks. To get started I'm gonna leave a series of tutorials for beginners who want to get started and know every tool, or at least know the tip of the iceberg! :wink...
  12. C

    Help would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi all! I am in the process of making t-shirts for one of my friends and ran into a little snag when it came to uploading the pictures - I'm really bad at Photoshop! If somebody would please help me, that'd be great as I'm trying to get these done ASAP! The only thing I need is all of the...
  13. P


    Can someone remove an emoji off a picture for me?
  14. R

    It's the End of the World As We Know It

    After eight years of countless tutorials and incessant toiling to improve my Photoshop proficiency, along comes the 2016 Celine ad campaign featuring a deliberately inept photo montage that any beginner could achieve on the first try. Who knew that five minute’s experience with the Quick...
  15. gedstar

    Free Adobe Photoshop CC training course from Infinite Skills

    Thought this may be useful for anyone coming here looking to learn Photoshop "In this Adobe Photoshop CC training course from Infinite Skills, you will learn how to use the worlds most popular graphics and photo editing software. This training is designed for the absolute beginner, and you...
  16. inkpad.t

    playing around with 3d

    started playing around with 3d and applying it into Photoshop, not done anything for a while but this is the beginner stage.
  17. S

    Introducing Myself!

    Hello all! I can't anymore keep saying that i am a beginner at photoshop (experience wise) but knowledge wise, yes i am a beginner. I am surya allamraju, INDIA. I have recently joined in a new job and would like to take my career serious. Would be happy to LEARN and also be of HELP. Thank...
  18. Y

    Best Photoshop Ebook!!

    So I have purchased this product, Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition. This product has tons of great tutorials for any beginner to easily follow. I know this is my first post but I hope that you can respect it.:redface:
  19. V

    Beginner here. :>

    SO, I'm a beginner to the art of photoshopping, however, here are the first pieces I made using adobe. Let me know what you guys think, it can be positive or negative I don't mind. I'm here to learn. So, here they are:
  20. A

    Hello everywun =] !

    Hiii ! I'm Ari , I'm trying to learn how to use photoshop to make my friends look even more amazing (and myself :p) but i'm just a beginner, so feel free to teach me some tricks ! ;*