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playing around with 3d

Really nice works!

Personally I like the first picture most. The sepia coloration gives it a polluted industrial look.

Is this your beginners stage? Where do I sign up?

Just a tiny observation. I'd love to see the first picture more crisp to see more details. But that's my personal opinion.
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Aiko and Victoria. Which versions are you using?

In the second image, what's your light setting? It doesn't look quite right to me. Is it an outdoor, 360 setting? Maybe it's my monitor but lower the contrast and saturation a bit.

Your lighting in the first AIATHAS (Aiko In A Temple Holding A Sword... ;D..) image looks just right. The trick in DS or even Poser is to get the lighting and shadows right. The shadows adds realism. Take your earlier sci-fi cities... the shadows gave it life and a character of its own.
Thanks dv8_fx, used the new genersis 3 figure, mess up the lighting, I used the dreamlight ldpr render for it , then used one of the actions in that render, I agree it is not right at all, Chuck it away and did another one, i used plane primitives with emissive shaders.

Girl On Bed1.jpg

This image is only a test render at low quality, currently rendering this image at high quality, up to now 1 hrs rendering done and looks like another 1 hrs to go.