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  1. Na11

    How can I make this text effect?

    I've tried playing with the text styles but I can seem to get it right. Ideas?
  2. gedstar

    Just playing around in PS

    Before and after using displacement maps in PS never really tried it before
  3. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography - F

    To hot outside so I've been playing a bit
  4. O

    Achieve particular text effect

    Hey guys, this is my first post. I am not completely new to Photoshop as I've been playing around with it for the past 9 months or so. As an autodidact user, though, I often find myself using the most tedious and tiresome way to get the desired result. I've therefore decided I want to learn the...
  5. R

    After Effects How to get the look?

    Hi guys, New in town and looking for a little help. Would anyone be able to tell me how to get this color look!view[media]/0/ been playing about for hours and cant really get close to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  6. T

    Hello from hull

    Hello everybody Just joined & would like to say hello to everyone. only being playing with photoshop for a little bit but will try to help who i can where i can. :wink:
  7. D

    Yard work

    Hi there :) Here's a composite of my son playing in the yard. took about 2 hours. Total of 4 images.
  8. C

    How do I cut text from a video clip?

    I've converted the video clip into frame layers in Photoshop CS6 but I want to have the clip playing in the background within the text. In other words, I want everything around the text to not show so only the video is playing within the confines of the text.
  9. gedstar

    Lazy Nezumi Pro

    Not sure if anybody has come across this before, but I'm actually amazed at what it can do to your brush stroke. Only started playing around with it and it's got plenty of features to play around with. Image below is me writing my name with a normal brush, as you can see it's not the best, but...
  10. T

    I'm playing around in Photoshop :)

    Hi I playing around with Photoshop and right know i don't now how to contiune :P What more can i fix or add in this pic :D And don't say background it will come :D The pic at left is my :)
  11. Paul


    Just playing :mrgreen:
  12. inkpad.t

    playing around with 3d

    started playing around with 3d and applying it into Photoshop, not done anything for a while but this is the beginner stage.
  13. Paul

    Scrubby zoom playing up?

    Works one minute then only + and - zoom options are available, anyone?
  14. Paul

    Mona the warrior princess

    Just playing, bit bored today. :mrgreen:
  15. Z

    male head model post processed

    so today, I sat at the PC for a little bit of Zbrush practice, I ended up playing around with the idea of doing a very quick study of a male head... This was the outcome after roughly an hour and a half rather than enter into any more detail an lock the PC up (I need more RAM) I decided to...
  16. Z


    Hello! =3 I recently had to replace computers; my old one with SAI paint tool has been breaking down and getting slow. I bought a mac pro with photoshop and have been trying to learn how to use the program. It's a biiiit more complicated then SAI… I might need help. Anyhow, it's great to be here...
  17. C

    Making animations on photoshop

    How can i make animations in photoshop using handdrawn oscilatiing waves and moving object into them.Ho do i add hand drawn lines as they are formed in also how to arrange playing card shapes in a circle that sort of thing
  18. agentmoeller

    Painting Company Logo

    Just playing around.... not an actual job.
  19. Paul

    Rocker gif

    Just playing (no pun intended):rocker:
  20. Paul

    Nothing but smudge tool

    Before: After: Just playing with the tools at hand really.